Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Love Jesus, But I Drink A Little

And the winner, according to, is: [insert drumroll here]

Brandi!!! (brandiandboys): i LOVE this one!!! you're just getting better and better. what's your favorite ice cream???

To answer your question: my all-time favorite ice cream would be Blue Bunny Goo Goo Cluster, which is chocolate ice cream with a marshmallow ribbon, chocolate covered peanuts and caramel revel. I haven’t had it in years and now I’m craving it! :)


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I was reading back through the questions I’ve been keeping track of, and so many people email to ask me how I stay happy being confined to the house all day. I have covered so many of the reasons that I have to be happy and choose joy in the little things, but one that I haven’t talked about is the fact that I watch Ellen all the time.

I swear, people, that show is so fantastically funny. I love it so much I actually tried to convince Susie to have the kids play blindfolded musical chairs at Jonboy’s upcoming birthday party… but she nixed the idea for safety reasons.

But no matter how many guest she has on or how many ridiculous games she plays… no clip has ever been funnier than 88-year-old Gladys and her first phone conversation with Ellen. Because I’m telling you peeps, when I’m 88 I’m still going to love Jesus, and I’m still going to drink a little, too.

Just as a side note, growing up we had good friends of our family by the names of Orville and Gladys. And Gladys’ daughter nicknamed her “Happy Butt.” Think about her name and the nickname for a minute. Trust me, you’ll laugh.


  1. Congrats Brandi!

    Gitz I had to say it out loud, but I got it. Thanks for the clips. Ellen's always good for a laugh!

    Recent blog post: If I'm Honest

  2. OH! Does this mean I get to be first to weigh in on THIS??!!!!

    I am rockin' and rollin' on the floor over this one. Everyone in the house wants to know WHAT in the heck is the matter with me! hahahahahahahahahahhaha! "I Love Jesus But I Drink a Little" is one of the funniest things I've seen in forEVER! THANKS GITZ!!!! You made my DAY!! (And it was already GREAT!) :-D :-D :-D

    Recent blog post: Got Perspective?

  3. I LOVE me some Ellen! I even posted that same video on my page sometime last week. I'm at work when it comes on, but I always browse her site and watch the video clips. She is so funny, but so real too! Congrats to Brandi!

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  4. I was hoping I wouldn't have to literally spell it out for people :) =-X

  5. And I swear, it never gets less funny...

  6. I'm usually asleep when she comes on here... thank God for the DVR :)

  7. Ha! Honestly one of the funniest things ever in ever. We were talking about it in LifeGroup Online tonight (oh yes, we tackle all the big issues).

    And the Gladys HappyButt thing...too funny :-D

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  8. Robin Rane' All Things Heart and HomeFebruary 26, 2009 at 6:00 AM

    Ohhhh, the I love Jesus but I drink a little!!! I've seen this but really it makes me laugh outloud EVERY time. Gotta love this lady.
    Yea Brandi!!!
    Okay, Happy Butt is going to be in my head and my fear is I'll use it in public in front of strangers. That's what happens when I hear something that tickles it. =-O

    Recent blog post: Living My Legacy ~ 4

  9. Now you've done it. I'll never be able to say the name of my friend without laughing out loud! I may ask her if I can call her "Happy Butt". I have one friend whose name is Glady like lady with a G. I'll bet for the first time in her life she's thanking her Mama that she doesn't have an s on the end of her name.

  10. That is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. I sure needed that laugh this morning. What a great way to start the day. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Susan

    Recent blog post: The Beginning of the End, of the Beginning!

  11. Head on over to Facebook in a minute cause I'm going to send you some flair!

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  12. Oh my gosh, Ellen is the best!!!!! :) Gladys cracks me up every single time but I was laughing so hard I was crying with the "I love Jesus but I drink a little" moment. Ellen's reaction to it is priceless too - I laugh EVERY time I see that clip!!

  13. As soon as I read the title in my sidebar I knew exactly what you were talking about! I, too, could watch this over and over again!! I have to watch Ellen in and around the boys, but I catch my fair share ;)

    And could you even sleep last night? Did you not just want to twitter, call, text her right then and there? :-D

    Recent blog post: A boy's life.

  14. Congrats, Brandi! I just never got to read my blogs last night....for shame. Ellen cracks me up every time - thanks for sharing!

    Recent blog post: A Day of Drama: Smells Like Chicken

  15. Mary @ Giving Up On PerfectFebruary 26, 2009 at 9:01 AM

    Haha! I love Ellen, too! And that clip of the call from Gladys - TOO. FUNNY. !!!

    Recent blog post: Carnival Week: Things I Love Thursday

  16. I LOVE Ellen!!!!! 8-)

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  17. OH MY GOSH!! That clip was SO FUNNY! Tears of laugher!! Great fun!

  18. I had to re-read Gladys and Happy Butt several times before I got it, but NOW I GET IT and its HILARIOUS!
    This is my first time on your site and I've enjoyed everything I've read so far!
    Thanks for sharing it!

  19. Too Funny! Thanks for sharing.

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  20. I love Ellen, too! She is fantastic if you just need to laugh out loud. One of my most FAVORITE clips was the one with the Hawaii chair. The youtube link is at I agree, though, it never is less funny than the Gladys clip!! :-D

    Recent blog post: 45 Lessons

  21. I'll admit, I tape Ellen every day and watch her when I get home from work. She just cracks me up. And yeah, I love Jesus and I drink a little!!

  22. My 90 year old step-mother use to watch Ellen every day. She also loved Jesus but didn't drink. :)

    Very funny videos. Thanks for posting them.

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  23. i love Jesus and i drink too! a little.

    i lie would never you to.

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  24. i swear to drunk i'm not god!

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  25. the gladys clip has made me laugh so many times. you're right - it never gets less funny.

    and i'm so glad it's okay to both love jesus and drink a little.

    Recent blog post: coffee talk: sock etiquette

  26. I hope Ellen moves to late night when she's done on daytime. Have you ever seen her stand up? If not, check it out on YouTube. The first show she did after her 3 year hiatus (when she came out and then her sitcom got canceled and no one would give her a job) is the funniest.

    Recent blog post: A good morning

  27. Seriously. That old lady is UNSPEAKABLY funny. Ellen kept calling her & bringing her on the show. amazing.

    Recent blog post: Something Saturday: Now Women Pee Standing Up.

  28. I used to watch Ellen when I was home on maternity leave with my last baby. She's funny and genuine and I couldn't agree more heeeeelarious. Thanks for sharing these. Very very entertaining. I'm thinking that woman in yellow won't be able to stand straight up for a while. LOL.

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  29. I actually enjoyed those vids a lot.. rofl

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