Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sara's Story

Dear Ones,

It's Shannon, stopping in to share an incredible gift with all of you.

One that requires a box of tissues at the ready. 

This past weekend, (in)courage the site Sara wrote for regularly hosted (in)RL, an incredible virtual conference attended by women all over the world. Over 1,700 of us spent time learning, growing, laughing, loving...in community with each other.

It was an event that would have been right up Gitz's alley. 

A few months ago, I was humbled and honored when (in)courage approached me about creating a segment for(in)RL about Sara and how she impacted people...it didn't take much to persuade me or anyone else to join in. Our girl? She could get me to do just about anything. Smile.

Sara's Story  is one that we all need to share from the rooftops. Her faith, love for others, trust in the unknown, heart joy...these parts of Sara? They leap through the screen and into your heart while viewing...all while breaking it a bit all over again too.

This morning, (in)courage released the video for public viewing. Jessica, a heart sister of Sara's, wrote a post about it here.

If you'd like to know more about the (in)RL conference or how to obtain access to the videos shown during it, please click here.

So...please find 30 minutes and a quiet nook. Grab some tissue. Press play.

See our girl.

Then? Go look in the mirror.  There's a piece of her woven into you, too. Will you consider sharing within the comments how she's impacted you? 

Let's celebrate her together.

Much Love,


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