Saturday, June 16, 2012

Honoring Dad and Grandma

Today is an extra special day...It is Grandma Rita's 90th birthday and Father's day.

To all you dad's out there that have been faithful readers and friends to my sister Sara, Happy Father's day and blessings to each and every one of you.

With both Dad and Sara in Heaven, I never think of one without thinking of the other.

I was visiting with my son, Thomas the other night, reminiscing about Dad and Sara, when he made the comment that Sara reminds him so much of Job in the bible. He commented on how Job was tested with pain and suffering and yet never lost his trust in God.

Through no fault of his own, Job lost his wealth, children and health. But, the greatest trial for Job was not the pain or loss; it was not being able to understand why God allowed him to suffer.

In the early years of Sara's disease, we all questioned and wondered "why." Why would God put someone so wonderful, one of His children through so much pain and suffering? Although none of us could fully understand why Sara had to go through the pain she endured, it did lead her (and me) to discovering God more fully. Sara was so obedient and faithful...Sara chose how to respond, and she chose to respond faithfully to God.

Job and Sara showed us the kind of trust we are to have in God. When everything is stripped away, we are to recognize that God is all we ever really have or need. God gives us himself, but not necessarily all the details of his plans. We must remember that this life, with all it's pain, is not our final destiny.

Our final destiny is with our Heavenly Father, and that's exactly where dad and Sara are.  I was reading the post Sara wrote called, "Our Earthly Existence." In this post, she talked about a dream she had 2 months to the day after dad's funeral.

Sara had a dream about a place that was familiar, warm and comforting. Yet, it was better...more beautiful, more warm, more complete. Sara saw dad...and dad said she could stay. He told her "that all was put right again."

I do believe that for dad and Sara, "all is put right again." And, one day for all of us, it will be too.

This Father's day, Sara is personally celebrating Father's day with our Heavenly Father AND my dad! A true dream come true for her. Dad and Sara are sharing the dance they had been waiting to share for so long.

Please dance one for me, Sara! I really miss you both.

Happy Father's day, dad! Thanks for being a remarkable father and role model.


Happy 90th Birthday, Grandma! You and dad were so very much both made life happier. You were both so loving and selfless; full of strength and faith. May God bless you today and always! I love you so...

I am so very blessed with such a wonderful family and treasured memories!!