Monday, May 23, 2011

The Blue Room

It's official… I'm [mostly] moved! And because I'm not sure if I should call this the living room or the bedroom or the room of bed living, I'm just going to call it my blue room.

Because I love the soft and happy blue. :)

But while I'm thrilled to be in a bigger room with lovely blue walls and newly white woodwork, not to mention a substantially better view, what I am most blessed by is a new bed.


Yep. I got extremely spoiled on my birthday.

The bed I had been in was a blessing when it came. It was a hand-me-down years ago, at a time when I was first unable to lay in a flat position. But as my disease progressed and my pain worsened, the 40-year-old mattress was adding to my pain. And the bed stopped easily adjusting, which meant I was mostly laying on pillows and using them to adjust my position.

While I knew I would probably benefit from a different bed, I also discovered it wasn't covered by my ill and handicap waiver. And I had no intention of asking for outside help with it. But my brother asked me about it one day a few months ago – what put it in his mind to wonder about the bed, I have no idea. After hemming and hawing and trying to justify mine not being that bad, but not being able to lie to him and say it was good, he set on a mission.


Thanks to a group of family and friends, I have been humbled and laid low with gratitude. Because this new Tempurpedic adjustable bed has changed my day-to-day existence.

For the past few years, I have never slept more than 45 minutes to an hour at a time, and I take a lot of medication at night to get my body to the point where it will relax enough for that. The first night in the new bed? Two and a half hours straight. When I woke up and realized it, I almost called everyone I knew to throw a party.

But it was the middle of the night and I didn't think they'd be as thrilled in that moment as I was. :)

The biggest difference is that my bed is no longer adding to my pain. The pain in my body is constant – I feel every bone and joint all the time. But to no longer feel added pressure on each bone and joint where it hits the bed is nothing short of a miracle for me. I can lay in one position for extended lengths of time, where on the old bed I was shifting every five minutes. And to be able to adjust the bed instead of moving my whole body and pillows when I get uncomfortable? It makes a staggering difference.

I'm learning to relax. It's amazing.

The other greatest benefit, other than the chunk of sleep time, is that I went four days in a row this past week without getting sick to my stomach. That had been close to a daily occurrence for the past year, and I can't imagine that is a coincidence. This gift is changing my life.

I am so grateful.


Along with the new comfort is a lovely view! This is what I see now when laying in bed… green grass and hosta, and even a few cardinals now and then on those bushes in the distance.


And this is now my permanent view of Riley. He props up on the end of the bed that is elevated for my legs and keeps an eye on all things out the window.

We are currently learning not to bark at every human, bird, raccoon and leaf that goes by at any random moment.

He's a very happy dog.


You'll notice nothing is actually decorated yet, but this is my view off to my right…


next to that is a couch for visitors to sit on and a clear view back into the red room [which is currently housing all of the decorations that will eventually fill these walls]…


and to the right is the view of my kitchen, sans table and chairs at the moment. Mom has a pub table that will go in that space sometime in the coming weeks.

Obviously the bed has been the biggest factor in changing my world, but I have to tell you that moving from such a small room to all of this space has been great for my spirit. Being in an area that is so much less confining – it makes me feel like I can breathe. And being able to see outside and enjoy the sunshine and birds and plants… it gives me something to look forward to every day.

I am so thrilled and blessed. And couldn't wait to share with all of you. :)

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