Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let The Sunshine In

Oh man, it was a sunshine day on Monday! It was so nice out that I decided to skip watching the tie-breaking round of golf for the US Open, opting instead to sit on the patio and soak up all the fresh air.

Here's the patio I covet on rainy days and cold winters (just ignore the weeds popping up through the bricks... that's what I do):

It's simple, but it's mine and you just can't beat the fresh air. And did I mention no rain? This is the view while sitting in my favorite chair:

The key here is that fact that it is GREEN. Not snowy white... but rather beautiful, lush, green and dry.

Now this... this is what I see every time I get ready to sit in my favorite, comfy patio chair:

Can't you just hear him: "Hmm... what? Who me? You want to sit where?"

So once I got all cozy and comfortable, snuggled up with my dog in the chair, I opened my book and started to read. A nice breeze was blowing, the wrens were serenading me and Riley was keeping a watchful eye on the rustling leaves of the hasta. It was a perfect afternoon.

Now, perhaps you recall me mentioning in a previous post about being jinxed and Murphy's Law being written with me in mind? I recalled it as I sat there and my chest started to tighten, my breathing getting more difficult and my ears starting to itch.

Man, I hate allergies. As was explained to me by my ENT, allergies are connected to your immune system... and we all know how stellar my immune system is. Needless to say I am allergic to just about anything and everything anymore. From vital medications to a whiff of perfume, I find myself not just inconvenienced but full-on, throat closing, unable to breathe. You may notice in photo number two that some of the shrubs on the side of my building are beginning to flower. Flowers are the worst. Or this might be because of stuff in the air from the floods... but it could have been anything that set off my lungs. I've stopped speculating on causes and have learned to just go with the flow.

So here was my view while reading a book inside my house after using an inhaler and dosing with Benadryl:

But on the bright side (it's all about the silver lining, people) Tiger and Rocco played one of the most exciting games of golf I've ever watched. Can't see something that exciting from the patio, no siree...
Just so you know: I can get a little sarcastic when I don't feel well... :)

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  1. For a while there, I felt like I was there with you, breathing the fresh air, and taking in all that greenery! Sorry to hear about the allergies. I know how bad it can get, I have asthma, I live in the city and I'm allergic to dust!