Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great Minds

This is one of my favorite faces on the planet.


I took these photos a few months ago when Mr. Tyler came with his Grandma Linda to bring my groceries. It’s handy having my godson be the grandson of the woman who brings me groceries every week. Definitely improves my chances of seeing him. :)


My spunky Tyler is a boy with an imagination… and he definitely inherited his mom’s gift of telling a story. Just like Susie, he knows how to share the details whether he’s relaying something factual or just letting you know his latest big idea. In this case, he had big ideas about the war he brought along with him to set up. His Grandma and I were given very definite instructions as to how to move the soldiers, what the guns should sound like, and who was supposed to win in this epic battle.

And while I always knew he was smart and cute, I was blown away when he started telling me that each “robot soldier” had 100 lives, and that each bullet only killed ten of those lives. He then proceeded to fire bullets and subtract by 10s, keeping track of each soldier and how many bullets they had left before the end of the war.

He’s a preschooler. Subtracting by 10s. In his head.

As his godmother, I would like to tell you he gets it from me, but not even I can pretend that anything having to do with math and numbers could be because of my influence. So I’ll just take credit for the imagination part and chalk the rest up to good genes.


Of course, one part of the scenario his imagination didn’t figure in was the enemy dog combatant…


… which may have caused us to start over from scratch a few times.


I’ll give you one guess as to who was left standing when the battlefield cleared… smirk and all.


  1. house on rancheroJune 23, 2009 at 5:49 AM

    Those boys are too darn cute!!!! :*

  2. Okay that is just too cute! What a sweet boy and Riley's face is cracking me up!

    About the car fire ... we were in college and getting ready to go to my Grannie's for Thanksgiving. My sister and I went to get in the car when all the lights went on. Thinking we were mechanically inclined, we opened the hood and low and behold the engine was aflame. Probably not as aflame as yours. We managed to put it out and then waited the six hours it took for my Paw-Paw to come and pick us up and drive back to their house for turkey! Ah, memories!

  3. Sweet smiles and cavalier smirks. Great stuff! Blessings, SusanD

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  4. Oh my gosh, Riley REALLY IS smirking! How funny is that? And how cute is your godson? So great that you get to see him often :)

  5. I love Riley's smirk! Too funny.

    I've one of my cat, Mac, looking too smug for words. One of my favorite pics. :)

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    And so is your Godson! What a smartie!!

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  7. That was GREAT!!!

  8. What great photos! You are truly blessed to have all these wonderful people in your life.

  9. Your godson is adorable and obviously gifted...but...that dog! I can't believe he's actually smirking. :-D

  10. That smirk is too darned cute for words!!

    Color me (tickled) pink! :)

  11. Sara,What a sweet story about Tyler and the pictures are priceless of both the boys. (and Riley) You are amazing how you capture all those special times~~~