Friday, July 3, 2009

Brought to You by the Letter “D”


Oh man, this was the perfect letter for this week! You won’t believe how easy it was to choose one of your suggestions to work on for the A 2 Z installment … Decorating.

Yes, I know you’re all scratching your heads. I’m barely functioning for a month now and somehow decorating fits perfectly into my life in the midst of it all? Well, you have your ways of coping… and apparently I have decorating.

The first week or so after I had my outing was a rollercoaster. Well, it’s still a rollercoaster, but I’m at least getting used to it being that way now. The first week I was so weak and tired, but the first few doses of steroids made me so fidgety, antsy and unsettled – which is a weird combination. Couple it with the fact that I was looking around my house and realizing I was going to be looking at the exact. same. thing. every. day. forever… and you have a girl who might have been going a little stir crazy.

Stir crazy, but without the ability or energy or air to do anything about it. Not that I let that stop me or anything.

I’m someone who likes to fix things, so when life is completely unfixable I tend to look to something that can be done. I need to give myself the power to accomplish something regardless if it’s important or necessary, simply because doing is better than stewing. [That was totally an accidental rhyme, for the record.]

On one particular day, every time I had to get up off the couch to fetch something or go to the bathroom I would take decorations off my end tables and furniture, set them on George and wheel them into my main living room where I would set the decorations in the middle of the floor. It took all day, but by the time I went to bed that night all the decorations from my piano room, bedroom and red room were in a pile – and my rooms were bare.

I kind of enjoyed it for a minute because apparently, when you can’t breathe very well, having things looking cluttered makes you feel claustrophobic. Mostly, it was just good for my sanity to feel like I was somehow starting fresh.

Which is what I did the next day.

I did the same process, only in reverse. Every time I got up I would wheel George to the stockpile and try to make sure that I put decorations in different rooms than they originally came from… you should so try it sometime. It’s amazing how you don’t appreciate things that you pass by all the time, but see them in a totally different way when moved around. The “re-decorating” part took a couple of days, partially because I was getting more tired as the days went on and partially because I tend to futz about when decorating. I’m still moving little things here and there, probably more for distraction than actual aesthetics, but that’s ok with me.

Mom and Dad are going to be coming for the day on Friday and I think I might even have them switch my couches from one room to another. Not because I think they’ll look better, but because it will look Different. And right now, making things look different is making me sane.

Different Decorating.

It’s the latest in coping mechanisms… I’m sure professionals will be recommending it in no time. smile_wink

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Ok, people… throw me some “E” suggestions for next week in the comment section. And before we go, Riley and his cute shirt that my friend Leslie gave him would like to wish you a Happy Fourth of July!!!!


Don’t forget to “Paws for Independence!”



  1. Nice! I like this idea.

    As for about Eggs? Or Excellent!

  2. George is such a wonderful shade of green. He adds character!

    I have a Riley question. We've always had Labs. Usually Labs don't bark unless someone comes to the door. Being a little guy, does Riley bark at little things like squirrels he spots through the window? How does he do when people come to visit? I think he's so adorable--love his festive wear. You can tell--I'm toying with the idea of my very own little dog.

  3. Love that idea!

    What about Earth, Ears, Eager, Enjoy, Ego??

  4. Do we get pics of the finished results? I re-decorate all the time! I use a couch cover to change colors and have all kinds of accessories I change out. And I have to rearrange the furniture often too. It IS therapy for me!

    I can't wait to see your response to Julie's questions, it might be my best form of entertainment today! Gotta love a small dog with a BIG personality ;)

    E might be hard... energy, extravagant, extreme, equestrian, equipment, exercise...

    Enjoy your day today! Can't wait to hear about the "makeover" results!!

    Recent blog:=- Slippery Slopes.

  5. Happy 4th of July! Love Riley's sweater!

  6. I cope with stress the same way, move the furniture. I also cut my hair or embark on a big craft project. :D

    I'm glad that you have something that you can do to help you feel in control. I think that is very important.

    Happy 4th to you too!!

  7. Can't wait to see photos of your new digs! :) Riley is a the 4th shirt! We have labs too and it just isn't the same to dress them up....though my daughter does try. Have a lovely day today with your Mom and Dad and a very happy 4th Sara!

  8. How about "eccentric?" On another note - I admire your approach to your situation.

  9. Can't believe Riley lets you put a sweater on him in JULY! What a sweetie. Enjoy your weekend!

    Recent undefined:=-

  10. Robin~All Things Heart and HomeJuly 3, 2009 at 4:31 PM

    Vicky asked my show pics! I can so imagine you rearranging...and I think you could probably hang out an online shingle and start doing life coaching...I think Decorating Different is VERY therapeutic !
    E....easy, elated, elephant (in the room)...that's all I got girl friend :)
    Hope you had a nice time with Mom and Dad

    Recent blog:=- Big Bodacious Blondies!

  11. E clearly stand for Ed, I can't emphasize that enough, as I will tell anyone in ear-shot.

    Egad, what an ego, which does sometimes put me behind the eight-ball. Some say I am elderly, but I am not yet eighty. Enough about me.

    I don't know if you are an Evangelical Christian, but what is your favorite Epistle?

    What is your favorite epicurean delight? An eclair perhaps, or a healthy eggplant. Ever eaten an eel?

    Have you ever seen an ectoplasm? Eek! That would be very eerie. Have you ever thought you had ESP?

    Have you been to any place exotic, the Everglades? If you could travel would you like to see Europe? Ethiopia? or maybe visit the Eskimos in Alaska. That would be expensive.

    Eureka, I have another question. What is the best music for your ears? I know you have eclectic taste. Elton John, Elvis, Emmylou Harris, Eric Clapton, ELO, Emiliana Torrini to name a few.

    I was wondering about George's personality. He is something of an enigma. Do you see him as easy going, an extrovert, effervescent, surely not egotistical. Have you thought about making him electric. I am sure he would embrace that.

    Put a little hat on Riley and he might look like an elf. He certainly has had enough escapades to win an Emmy.

    The elegance of your post demonstrate your education. It is something I wish I could emulate. I love reading them in their entirety.

    Enjoy your day with your family.

    Recent blog:=- Happy Fourth Of July

  12. When you have the Energy for pics it would Excellent to Enjoy them with Eachother!

    Just Elaborating... ;)

    Recent blog:=- A Taste of Heaven

  13. Could you tell us about some Epochmaking times in you life and why?

  14. Elegant Sara, an excuse to educate myself on "E" words is an enigma. Ever elegant, ever exquisite, ever excellent, you are even entertaining!

    How about this:

    Let's hear about what EXASPERATES you (you deserve to vent sometimes) as well as what brings you ENCOURAGEMENT?

    Ps - Did you see this?

    Recent blog:=- Congratulations, Angela!!

  15. Oops. Forgot my E word.


  16. Hmm... how to not scare you off of a little dog... ;)

    Riley can be very vocal... I think part of it is that every little dog thinks it's a big guard dog. He's very protective of me and our home. I have to say, though, that he's better than he used to be now that I've learned a few things. When he was a pup I tried all these things I'd read to distract him from barking, like shaking pennies in a can to distract him and stuff. But I've found the less I use noise or words to correct him, and instead just stand between him and whatever he's focused on, that stops the behavior better. Dog Whisperer taught me that... the more you talk to correct them, the more excited they get. The more you are calm and correct them with your presence, the more they'll respect you.

    Now, I've not mastered the whole "going ape" when people come in the house thing, but again I think Riley gets crazy excited because he never leaves the house and so never was well socialized... so he gets SUPER excited when people come over. If you get a pup make sure you get it around people and other animals a lot right away. It'll make a big difference.

    More than anything, I seriously credit this dog with saving my life and sanity. Especially now. Get thee a small companion dog immediately... you won't regret it.

  17. I took pictures just for you :) I'll try to get them off the camera and up soon.

  18. Oh, cutting hair is a big coping one for me, too! Although now that I'm big from all these steroids I kind of wish I hadn't cut it a few months ago...

  19. I have to keep it so cold in my condo so I can breathe better that I think he appreciates the extra warmth :-[

  20. "Egad" makes me think of "The Music Man." Love that movie...

  21. I may need to see a photo of your lab in a sweater... that would be hilarious!

  22. Ed, you are cool!!! love what you did with "E"! :-)

    and, I agree about the positive uses of decorating as a coping method. oh yeah!!!

    and my "E" word(s) and phrases... Ethereal, END of a hard time, EVER after, egregious, ewe, ere (like in poetry), epiphany, eschew, empathy, ebony, erg, ease, epitomize, elephant...