Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This title is fitting in so many ways. I’ve been dealing with daily migraines for the last week, resulting in some “blooming” headaches [that was my attempt at being witty]… which is one of the reasons I’ve been even more absent than usual. But there’s something I’ve been wanting to make sure you all know about so I figured it was about time I turned on a light and pulled myself back into the land of the living. Or the land of the blogs, as the case may be.

So what could be so important, you ask?

My friends Jessica and Angie, two of the busiest women I know, decided they simply had too much time on their hands and needed another project.

Lucky us… because they decided to have a book club. But what started as a book club has taken on a new life and, before it’s even started, has turned into an entire community of people who have come together to support each other and grow in all aspects of their lives.

Such a community needed a name, of course. And a blog. And a Ning site. So I’m here to tell you about this new adventure called:


Isn’t it cute?

The first book they’re going to be reading is Crazy Love by Francis Chan. This is the explanation from the Bloom site: Each week we will do a blog post about the chapter assigned from the previous week (i.e.: on Sept. 13 we will blog about the intro and chapter 1). Then that Wednesday, guest bloggers will write a post about the the chapter/topic of discussion/something relevant. We believe this will be a great way to get different opinions and encourage conversation. We are really excited about the contributors who are on-board – we have pastors, writers, all kinds of fun people.

So… if you want to give this a try just check out their blog, go grab a copy of the book and join in the fun! Of course, I joined. Because I’m a joiner. And because I just like Jess and Angie so much I could never say no to them anyway. And when you watch the video of them below you’ll understand why every time I talk to Jess, I hang up the phone and start plotting ways to move to Nashville and stow away in her guest room. [The video, by the way, was meant to be informative, but turned into a hilarious outtake reel instead.]

And if you don’t think these two ladies are reason enough to dream of a relocation to the land of country music, pay attention to the guest star of the video, Jessica’s sweet Elias. Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco, but Elias stole mine about a year ago and is keeping it Nashville until further notice.

Bloom Introduction from angie smith on Vimeo.

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