Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ha! Ha! Ha! Merry Christmas

I tend to go toward the funny/sarcastic side with my Christmas greetings. Trust me, I don’t lose sight of the reason we celebrate, and I love all the heartfelt Christmas letters people send out. They are lovely and meaningful and I so appreciate the chance to catch up on people’s lives.

But I don’t have one of those lives you want to rehash in a Christmas letter. Illness and pain don’t exactly scream, “Joy to the World!” And since I don’t have cute kids to put on a photo card, I go with next best thing:

Riley, of course.

riley 2009-2

See? He’s always good for a chuckle. :)

I’ve seen this video floating around Facebook lately, and I thought it was brilliant as well. If you need a little stress reliever in the middle of all your holiday planning and hubbub…  watch these Silent Monks:

I’ll be back to wish you a Merry Christmas on Friday, but for now remember to take a breather in the midst of the chaos and enjoy your moments!

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