Sunday, May 30, 2010

Keep Dancing Amy

My friend Crystal sent me an email about a good friend of hers who fell ill very suddenly. She’s only 24 years old, recently married, an amazing dancer … and she suffered a stroke.

They have been asking everyone who is willing to please pray for her and, much to everyone’s gratitude, she has begun to regain small amounts of movement since the update below. They have reason to hope, and we all have reason to keep praying.

I’ve pasted the information about Amy below and would love it if all of you would pray for her and her husband today. Oh, and the photo at the bottom?

It’s Amy.


I’m praying she has the chance to leap like that again someday.

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Pray for Amy

On Sunday, May 23, Amy Wooddell suffered a stroke and underwent 7.5 hours of surgery to remove the clotting in her basil artery. Additionally they found that her right vertebral artery was torn and was repaired with a stint. She awoke responsive and could even whisper her own name. However, a few hours later her brain began to bleed resulting in an emergency procedure to relieve inner cranial pressure. On Monday, May 24 she was comatose with brain function of only 3 (normal is 15) and it was uncertain that she would survive.

But she did.

On Tuesday, May 25, Amy was considered in stable condition and brain activity began to increase (between 5-7) but was still in and out of consciousness. Inner-cranial pressure had dropped from high 20s on Sunday night down to 1 on Tuesday night. She is responding through blinking (made direct eye contact with Jonny (her husband) on Tuesday night and on Wednesday morning blinked 5 times in response to "Amy, blink a bunch of times if you want Jonny to buy you lots of diamonds" and 3 times for "I love you"). And she is now breathing on her own 8 out of 18 breaths a minute.

But she's been unable to move her limbs. A recent MRA is showing some blood in near her brain stem which is hindering motor skill movement.

Amy is only 24 years old and has been married to Jonny for 4 months. She is also an accomplished dancer.

While we are seeing God's healing touch on Amy, we know she has a long ways to go and any permanent damage is still unknown. We are asking for your prayers for Amy's complete healing.

More information can be found at or by follow her husband's updates on twitter at

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