Monday, May 2, 2011


This is my small bedroom:


that is soon to be my guest room because my living room that looked like this:



now looks "in process" like this:



in preparation of of my main room becoming my bedroom.

So, in my weird world, I'm moving. :)

IMG_3856 s&f

I've been in this room, in this bed [occasionally with little people in it snuggling with me] for the better part of the past two years. And in the past year I have come to be in this bed close to 24 hours a day. So now that I've finally come to terms with not just being homebound, but mostly bed bound, I think it's time my bed moves to a room with some space.

A room with a view of my flowers on my patio. A room that has space for a couch and a chair where people can sit when they visit. A room that's attached to the kitchen so when people are here and have supper, I can still be in the same room with them.

A room that requires me to suck up my pride since a bed in the main room of my home screams "INVALID" to a girl who really doesn't want to be one.

But I decided if I'm going to suck up that pride, I might as well celebrate the fun of being a bed bound, homebound girl and show you all my pretty new blue walls with fun white woodwork. It's bright and happy and I can't wait to enjoy it.

So consider this my before post, and as soon as I get my living room officially changed into a bedroom, I'll post the after. :)

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