Monday, June 6, 2011

Say Cheese!

Get ready, people. This is as close to a food blog as I'll ever get.


Long before I started this blog, Dawn was cleaning my condo for me every other week. She cleaned a friend of mine's house, and agreed to come and do mine when I couldn't do it for myself anymore and my Ill and Handicap Waiver made it possible for me to hire her.

But all this time I haven't been able to introduce her to you because, like me, she is totally camera shy. But this week I actually talked her into a photo… so I'm posting it before she has a chance to change her mind. :)


Everyone, meet Dawn!

The Tuesday after my birthday she showed up with the most fun present for me. She works at Hy-Vee when she's not cleaning, and I had asked her awhile ago if her store carried Daiya vegan cheese. I had tried other fake cheeses before that were too disgusting for words, but Ellen DeGeneres SWEARS by this Daiya product. And if Ellen says so, I believe it. :)


Not only did she find me Daiya cheese, she found all the ingredients to make a pizza without anything I'm allergic to in it. And then made it for me.

Did you all read that???


Now that's a birthday present that keeps on giving. Like, every day. Because that's how often I've been eating it.


This is the "cheese." Apparently it's made out of tapioca, and somehow they make it taste more like cheese than cheese does. I love the section on the packaging that says "It melts and stretches!" But if you ever try other vegan cheeses, you'll understand that this is the happiest part of the product because it means you can really pretend it's cheese. :)

I've had the mozzarella and cheddar and they are amazing. And people, I'm super picky. It's expensive, but since it's the only thing I eat now I pretty much removed everything else from my grocery list. My diet now consists of heating up some pizza every day for lunch and having this "cheese" melted over Tostitos for supper.

My life is seriously complete.


Dawn rolling out the dairy-free pizza crust.


Sprinkling cheese over the sauce and meat.


And this? This is pizza. Heaven. Happiness in my mouth. And the only thing currently in my diet.

Everyone say it with me now… MMMMMmmmmmmm.

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