Monday, August 8, 2011

Blog Peep Questions: Round 20

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What works better for you… planned visits, or when someone says, "I'm wanting to drive down and see you today, does that suit?"

The funniest thing about this question is that it comes from a reader in Australia, so the odds of them popping in unexpectedly are not great. :)

Planned visits are definitely better for me, simply because there is a lot of planning that goes into me having company. For the week or so before I make sure not to have other people over. I don't talk on the phone unless I have to and I don't Skype with friends.

I rest. Completely. Often with the TV off and in the quiet. I find out what time my company will be coming, and in the week prior I try to adjust my timing accordingly.

Adjust when I take my meds, when I try to sleep, when I try to wake up… all so my body will be able to be used to being well and up when my company is here.

I time out two days ahead when to shower, because if I shower the day before I'll often be too worn out when they're here. I time out when I'm going to fix my hair the day before. I adjust night time meds the night before and up my pain meds the morning of.

I send Susie to Sonic for me {thank God for friends} the morning of so my stomach will be settled and I won't be throwing up while company is here. And then I debate about standing long enough to put on make up, which is usually decided by whether or not the camera will be out. If that's the case, I then decide… YES. Some things are worth the risk when cameras are involved. :)

Everything is planned to a science. And it's worth every moment because it all results in moments like this…

Moments when Elias shows me his cool new car that zooms if you shake it.


And I tell him that maybe, if he shakes it hard enough, we can get it to fly right off the bed…




So we congratulate ourselves with cheers and fist bumps and high fives all around.

And moments like that right there? Those moments make every bit of effort the week before it worth it.

Every single time.

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Got a question for me? Just leave one in the comment section and I'll add it to the list. :)

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