Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Choose Joy--Crosspoint Video and Feed

On Sunday, a portion of Sara's story was shared. Far from the farm where she was raised, miles from the cheery condo with her words decorating the brightly hued walls,  individuals gathered and heard her words...the ones she shared here on the blog.

Sara was a girl who lived her life all over the place, despite the constraint of being in the condo.

Her presence was felt and acknowledged far beyond her dwelling spot.

At Crosspoint  located in Nashville,Tennessee, Blake Bergstrom addressed Choose Joy during the amazing sermon series entitled Better Days. 

It was...



thought provoking

tear causing

Blake spoke on the difference between happiness and joy; he talked of making a choice.

He hit the nail on the head

For those of you who were unable to enjoy the live feed, I'm linking to the video and audio portions of his sermon, as well as notes for it here. Note: It's week 3 Choose Joy.

I'm also going to embed Blake's words here for you to take in...

Sara's choice?  Joy. 

Every. Single. Time.

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