Friday, September 14, 2012

Grief and Joy

"When the heart grieves over what is lost, 
the spirit rejoices over what it has left."
 ~ Epigram, Sufi

One year ago today Sara started Hospice. 

For the first time in as long as I can remember, one year ago today, Sara was provided with enough medication to ease her pain and keep her from getting physically sick. As we watched the medication begin to work, we also saw the many years of pain leave her face.  She looked like an angel! An angel ready for her journey to heaven.

In keeping with Sara's motto of, "It's not about me," over the course of the next two days, her focus was on making sure those of us left here on earth were taken care of. That we were o.k. Sara said to us, "I will be fine." "Isn't this exciting?" "It is all of you who are left here to grieve." I want to make sure you are o.k."

She was so COURAGEOUS! Without shedding a tear, and filled with joy and excitement, she told us how excited she was to meet our Heavenly Father. She continued teaching us. Teaching us how to love, choose joy, and be courageous.

Our hearts grieve over her loss, but we are so grateful and our spirit rejoices over what she has left us. She has left us so much of herself through her writings and the life she lived. The life she lived for God and others! For this we will be forever grateful. 

Thank you dear sister. 

We love you all the way around the world and back...and into the heavens! 

Blessings and thanks to all of you who loved Sara. She loved you too!
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