Friday, October 4, 2013

To Alex

I have been reflecting a lot this week. Our family is going through another first. An awesome and exciting first...

The oldest grandson/nephew, Alex, is getting married! Remember that little nephew that Sara has told stories about...
alex tada bw
Yes, he is getting married today, Friday, 10/4.

My thoughts have been focused on what would dad and Sara be doing and thinking...what would they say to Alex on this big and important day?

Dad, a very fun, loving, wise and kind - hearted grandpa, would be doing his share of joking and teasing, only to then get serious with the advise he would give to both Alex and Danielle.  He would talk with them about love, respect, communication and most important of all having God at the center of their relationship, at the center of their marriage. And then, he would probably throw in another joke that would turn them both red, put a smile on their face and love in their heart.

Sara, a very proud Aunt, would be their biggest fan. She would be full of excitement and pride, as if Alex was her own child. Sara posted some words of advice as Alex, Anna and Thomas started college a few years ago. In her post she stated that life is, "... a series of relationships that shape us and others in profound ways."

One of those relationships for Alex has been profound and has shaped him...Alex met Danielle... I think Sara's advice on the lessons we learn are still relevant as Alex prepares for his new life with Danielle...

"Be who you are and don't compromise yourself for anyone. But don't shut anyone out just because they are different. Love them. Listen to them. Meet them where they are at and be who God meant you to be ... an extension of Him in the lives of those around you. And have a lot fun while you do it.

In marriage, you fall in love with someone because of who they are, so continue to be who you are, love each other, listen to each other and meet your spouse where they are at. Be who God means for you to be to each other and as a couple. If you are an extension of Him in this new journey of life with your spouse, your marriage will be blessed!

And, don't forget your Grandpa and Aunt Sara are still there if you need them...just talk to them. Any time.

They love you and so do I... All the way around the world, into the heavens and back.
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