Saturday, December 14, 2013

Choose Joy

Hi, everyone --

First of all, thank you so much for your interest in the Gitzen Doodles Postcards! It has been so fun hearing from all of you and how you are continuing her ministry by sharing her story and talents with others! From the bottom of my heart Thank You...and I know Sara thanks you as well. :)

I have been working a lot on the Choose Joy Women's ministry that I mentioned in an earlier post. It is coming to reality with a date set for kick off on January 10th. What a blessing. Thank you all so much for your prayers.

As I have been working on this ministry, I re-watched the sermon that Pastor Christian Watts did on "Choosing Joy when Life gives you Lemons." He did such a great job using Sara as an inspiration on how to Choose joy in spite of the "lemons" in our life. I am re-posting it for anyone who would like the reminder.

May God bless you today and as we continue to wait for Jesus' coming during this season of advent.

Choose Joy!


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