Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose When Life Hurts

My Angel Sara…

As I sit here looking at the blinking cursor on the screen, millions of thoughts are rolling through my head. What do I want to say to you on this joyous day? The problem is, none of the thoughts seem to be coming out in any sort of logic!

Ugh! Is this how writers feel?

You are the writer you know. You were the one who could make the words flow as if God was whispering in your ear with each word you wrote.

So, as I begin typing and putting all these thoughts and emotions into words…I first want to say, THERE ARE NO WORDS to fully express what I am feeling right now. The feelings are too great for actual words. I also know that you are fully aware of how I feel...we were always connected like that. :)

I am going to start with a post that you wrote in August of 2010. You had posts called Blog Peep Questions, where your readers asked you questions and you promised to answer them honestly.

Two questions that were asked in this August post, were…
  1. If a movie were made about your life, what would it be called?
  2. Are you writing a book?
 Your answers…

“I said this line in passing to a friend of mine a few years ago, and it immediately struck me that it would be the perfect title for a book [and, in turn, a movie]: My Life is So Crazy My Dog is on Antidepressants.

Right? Isn’t that perfect? And, sadly, totally true!

Aren’t I kind of already writing a book for you all? I’m just doing it in tiny little daily installments here on the blog. :) Think of it this way... if I wrote a book, I wouldn’t have the time or energy to write here every day.”

That you did, sweet sister! You wrote a book and we have been blessed that your friend and fellow blogger, Mary Carver, took your tiny little daily installments from your blog and did a beautiful job of making them flow... adding her own special thoughts and creativity.

Sara, today, January 5, 2016 is the launch of Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose When Life Hurts. I am sorry we didn’t use the title you predicted back in August of 2010, but I think you will still be pleased. :)

What a journey this has been!  Since September, 2011 we, your family, began walking the path of making your wish come true. The wish that people would continue to learn, trust and believe in God as you did. That your spirit lead discipleship would continue. And, most important, make sure people know that it’s all about Him…not us.

My prayer each day as I walked this path is that I would have an open mind, a humble heart and faithful feel, to walk where He leads. You are right my dear Sara. It is all about Him. He has led this from the very beginning and has opened doors that I never thought were possible.

It has been a joyful journey. A journey full of wonderful people who worked together to publish a book that will continue your spirit led discipleship. 

I have read your words so many times, Sara. Each time I read them I hear the whispers of God even stronger...the connection you had with our heavenly Father. How awesome and humbling. You spent time truly listening, learning and living as He wanted you to. 

Thank you, Sara for being faithful. For not losing faith when life was hard. For continuing to teach us through your words and life how to be faithful and trust in the One who can show us joy.

So my dear Sara...this journey continues and my prayer continues…

God, please give me an open mind, a humble heart and faithful feet to walk where you lead!

All my love…all the way to the heavens and back…


P.S. Give dad a big hug from me!

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