Sunday, August 9, 2009


Ok… let’s get the update out of the way: this is kicking my butt. I would totally use stronger language to emphasize that point, but my Grandma reads this blog. [Hi, Gram! Love you!]

I’ve asked the universe for some time off from this craziness, but apparently it isn’t hip to that idea. I think it revoked my “vacation from reality” time due to the struggling economy or something. Wouldn’t it be great if the universe could take something like a “Cash for Clunkers” incentive program and make it into something useful for people like me? We could call it the “Bucks for Broken Bodies” trade in. Now there’s an incentive program I could get behind! But until then I’m just going to keep doing what I always do:

Buck up and take it like a woman.


Now, onto more pressing matters…

Apparently, in my absence, my comment section magically updated itself. I love it when technology doesn’t require me to do a darn thing. :) I popped on the other day and replied to some comments and enjoyed a little chit-chat with some of you. When leaving a comment with this new updated system, be sure to click “Follow” at the bottom of the comment form and check the box next to the space where you can put in your email address. That way when I reply to your comment it will show up in your email inbox and you’ll know I responded. [No one, not even me, will ever see the email address you enter.] It’s just a fun way we can have little conversations when I’m able to be on the computer a bit.

Or, if you know me in real life and have been looking for a way to tune me out without being obvious, just don’t check the box and I’ll never know the difference. :)

Signing in with the new system is easy… just click the “From” button and sign in under any program you already have an account with, or simply type your name in place of “guest” if you don’t have any of the online accounts. Easy-Peasy.


Not much else to report. I’m honestly still pretty much out of it most of the time, dealing with the Cushing’s symptoms and the pain. I love checking the comments and emails and hearing from you… truly, thank you so much for that. I wish you all could know how much you have helped me and kept me sane.

I feel like I’m constantly adjusting to the changes that are occurring as I continue with the step downs of the steroids… the pain in my legs is getting more intense and constant, which means I’m moving my legs as little as possible and getting up less and less. And while the laptop is a God-send, it’s getting to the point where having it set on my legs is enough to set off more pain, too.

Rock… Hard Place? Oh, yes… they are still enjoying each other’s company immensely and in new ways every day. But have no fear, I’m still way more determined than either of them. :) It just may mean I have to be sporadic with a comment here or a comment there… but nothing is going to keep me from chit-chatting with you. :)

Well, unless you decide not to put your email in in the “Follow” part of the comment form. Then it would be just me doing the “chit” part and you skipping the “chat” part. And really, after this rambling post by an obviously over-medicated woman, who could blame you?!?!?



twitter IMG_2311Umm… did you forget about me???

Oops… forgot to mention that Riley says hello. He has seriously been the most perfect dog, sleeping next to me on the couch for hours on end. As my body keeps expanding from the Cushing’s [yes, still living that nightmare] everyone says they think he’s getting heavier, too. He’s such a loyal pup he’s actually gaining sympathy weight. Now THAT’S dedication to your owner.

Almost makes up for all those times he’s marked in the kitchen.

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