Monday, March 1, 2010

Brought to You by the Letter T


TRAVESTY: imitation or parody for the purpose of ridicule; a grotesque or ludicrous representation.


A travesty, I tell you.

It must be a grotesque or ludicrous representation that the Pioneer Woman had a contest for the cutest dog photo and my dog didn’t make the cut.


I’ve spent the entire weekend consoling the blog mascot. I’ve had to remind him every 15 minutes that yes, he is the blog dog to beat all blog dogs. I convinced him that he was left un-chosen just so the other dogs wouldn’t feel bad about themselves.

Because really, any other photo submission has to be a sad imitation compared to this face:

twitter IMG_1324 2

or this one:

twitter IMG_0971

Not to mention his good personality:

IMG_7204 wassup

and killer smirk:

riley smirk

Ok, between you and me, there were some pretty dang cute dog pictures over on the Pioneer Woman’s photography site this weekend. But the next time you see Riley, be sure you follow the company line. Because as far as we’re concerned, not having this face make the cut:




I’ll let you know when he comes out of hiding due to his grief at being overlooked.

Poor thing.

divider 2

Ok, leave a [U] topic suggestion in the comments, and I’ll try to tone down the sarcasm by next week! :)

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