Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Riley's Bad Hair Day...

bad hair day

I’ve gotta find a new way to give Riley his meds, because folding them into cheese is no longer an option. This silly [so not the word I’d like to use] little whey allergy is going to require me to be a bit more careful since a smudge of leftover cheese instinctively licked off my thumb sent me into a full on allergy attack.

Won’t be making that mistake again. Because, as my mother likes to tell me, breathing is not overrated.

Anyway, the Benadryl is taking precedence over editing the photos from the past week, so you can just look at this cute one of Riley until tomorrow. Yes, I do Gitz Bits for something called Project Tuesday… but I’m going to post them on a Wednesday instead. Because I’m a rebel like that.

I’ll be back tomorrow… try not to miss me until then. :)

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