Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Me. In a Video. Be Warned.

So, we did it! I'm in a video.

And I'm as dorky as I feared I'd be.

I wasn't sure for a few days if the video was going to happen, because at one point in the weekend my coloring waned between putrid and then rashy, and I was overdosing on anti-nausea meds in order to stop throwing up blood. No, you don't get to see those photos of me looking that cute. Yes, it is the kind of fun people look forward to when visiting the condo. ;)

Bless their hearts.

But by Sunday the meds were kicked in, I was feeling a million and ten times better and the only thing standing between you and a video of us was... me. I almost forgot. Good old Shannon, though, never forgot about you for a minute. She was packing up their stuff, getting ready to head out the door for their long trip home, and managed to give you a grand tour of the place.

We had talked earlier in the day about how to answer the main question people had about what a day in my life looks like. But seriously, there's not much to tell. The truth is that I don't do very much, move very much or get up very much. Actually, the goal my physical therapist set for me is that I get to a point where I can get out of bed once an hour, walk to the kitchen and get back in bed.

We have to work to get up to that. It's kind of pitiful. But a girl's gotta have a goal, right? :)

So a day in the life consists of me resting a lot. Sitting up in bed when I feel good, processing photos or writing for the blog at some point each day and generally just trying to keep going. I plan my shower based on when I want to try to work on the blog or if my nurse is coming, because I generally am exhausted after I take one. And I plan my bathroom breaks around when I get up to get a snack, which I plan around when I take my meds.

It's a laugh a minute around here. Smile

Speaking of laughing, at one point in the video I get the giggles watching Shannon leaning over and waving her hand in front of the camera and you get to hear my laugh. Which can best be described as a hyena imitating a machine gun.

You're welcome.

So, enjoy your tour of the condo and your introduction to me. Shan did a great job showing you guys around, the girls are adorable, and I tried my best to be lively for you all. Which is probably why I'm dorky. :) Oh, and Eliana had one request... that we end the video with "kthanksbye" because that's what I say to her mama when I'm trying to win an argument and I want the last word.

I can't say it works, but I keep trying anyway.


christmas blog video from gitzengirl on Vimeo.

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