Sunday, December 28, 2008

Prayers for Stellan

Update: MckMama updated on Twitter a little while ago and said that the doctors found no relationship between Stellan's high heart rate and his heart failure while in the womb, which is really great news! They are actually going to be taking him home from the hospital, and hopefully this was a one time event. She twittered at one point last night that she was feeling pretty peaceful about it and I'm sure she appreciated the prayers. Thanks, peeps...

Here's an update from her blog in her own words:

"NO RELATIONSHIP," 10:34 am:

Thank you all for praying for us!

It has been a 
very long night and Stellan is exceedingly sick. Lots of poking, prodding and crying last night. But fantastic news: All interested cardiologists have agreed after examining Stellan's heart and other symptoms thoroughly that there is "no relationship" between his high heartrate (Which has been bouncing up and down through the night,not staying consistently tachycardic.) and his heart failure in the womb. He shows no signs at all of heart failure and his racing heart is due, the doctors tell us, to his illness.

Stellan "just" has a cold! It's a cold that is currently kicking his rear, though. He's in a great deal of discomfort (Sore throat? Achy? Hard to tell exactly why a young baby is hurting...), crying a lot and is having a very hard time sleeping since he can't breathe well at all. 

But, we are on our way 
home!! We're not in the hospital anymore and are going to attempt to drive back home today, too. Stellan is going to see his doctors back home on Monday just to be safe and we're ready to get back into the swing of things anyway.

I'm hoping for smooth traveling, but even if not, I'm just so relieved that all the big stuff has been ruled out and our sick little boy is, in the grand scheme of things, just fine!

***** ***** *****

Ok, blog peeps... I know how you all followed along with me as little Stellan was born, and born healthy. Well his siblings have all been fighting colds, which he caught as well, and it appears to be doing a number on him. MckMama took him into the ER tonight and his heart rate is significantly higher than it should be, on top of his difficulty breathing. They are hoping it's RSV and not an indication that something is wrong with his heart, but we all know that prayer is a good thing and so that's what I'm hoping you'll all do for them.

I'm posting the latest update verbatim below, but if you want to check her blog you can

Thanks, guys... I'll post when I know something more. Here's her latest update:

UPDATE, 10:35 pm, CST:
I just heard from MckMama (Who has been updating Twitter when she can, but that will get harder now as she is alone with Stellan at the hospital for the time being...and she is dictating to me on the phone what to write right now!) and she said that Stellan's symptoms of coughing, wheezing, having low oxygen sats, choking, and struggling for breath (Signs of a terrible cold that may or may not be RSV...still waiting on that) have now taken a back seat to the fact that Stellan's heartrate is running around 220,
 way too high. 

Stellan has had a X-Ray, an EKG of his heart, is on oxygen (because his sats were in the low 80s and they should be in the upper 90s or 100) continuous heart monitoring as well as being hooked up to the pulse oximeter. She's waiting for the lab to come and draw his blood. The doctors at the hospital they're at (They are still away from home visiting her parents) are showing Stellan's heart strips electronically to the pediatric cardiologist who followed Stellan back home when he was so sick before he was born. I guess they are now just waiting for word on if that cardiologist thinks that Stellan's tachycardia is related to his bad cold, or if his heart has indeed flipped into a sustained electrically dangerous pattern.

Please pray that it is the former and that his high heart rate is only because he is sick with a miserable cold, and not because his heart is itself having problems. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors as they try to figure this out and that Stellan's heart rate will come down from its dangerously high pace, no matter what the cause of his tachycardia is.


  1. My prayers and heart go out to Stellan, his family and the doctors in charge of him.
    I also extend my prayers to you and your family as well.
    p.s. I came across your blog and loved it.
    May God bless.

  2. Thanks for posting this request so that we could share in the opportunity to pray for this little one and family. I've offered up prayers and will continue to do so. Thanks, too, for keeping us posted, Sara!
    Blessings to you! Lauratina

  3. praying for him!! and his mama and family.

  4. Thank you for posting this. I tossed and turned last night with worry. I will be keeping the whole McKfamily in my thoughts and prayers.

    Blessings to you today!

  5. anxious to hear how Stellan is today...