Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rebel For A Cause

So, speaking of blog giveaways...

You all remember MckMama and her gorgeous little miracle boy, Stellan, right? Well, he's doing beautifully -- healthy and strong and growing. He now has his very own "Mck" nickname and is affectionately referred to by all as MckMuffin... and the sweet name fits him perfectly.


As you can imagine, she's a grateful mama, and a generous one to boot. She and her friend Amie have arranged a raffle/giveaway in order to support three of their favorite charities. And they aren't giving away a podunk little prize here, people. When you buy a $10 raffle ticket you enter for a chance to win a Canon xsi DSLR camera, with an amazing zoom lens and a carrying case and all sorts of other amazing things to go along with it. They are calling it Rebel for a Cause.

Now, I've been lucky lately winning two blog giveaways, and I'm not going to lie... that right there is my dream camera. And if it wasn't such an amazingly good cause I totally wouldn't tell you about it in order to improve my chances of winning. :) I'm not a saint, people. But the truth is, they are a raising a lot of money for some beautiful organizations ... at the time I'm writing this, they have raised $11,784.60. Seriously.

The contest is open until December 14th, and whoever wins will have their brand-spanking new camera in time for taking photos on Christmas morning. If you want more details you can read MckMama's original post here: Rebel For A Cause, and if you want to donate you can click on the button on the left-hand side of my blog. That will take you to her page and the donation link will be the first thing listed.

I find it amazing what blog communities have been able to do for the world of charities and non-profit organizations, and I love that this camera happens to be incentive to participate. If I win, expect to see more photos of Riley being cute than you can possibly handle. :)

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[Also... if you have a baby and love to scrapbook, my friend Jessica is having a giveaway everyday this week for her Best in Baby Scrapbooking. Don't you just love free stuff?!?!?! :) ]


  1. Oh that sounds exciting!!!! And yes I love give aways and free stuff!
    I hope you win! And how very selfless you are to let us in on it!
    (It's 65* here with thunderstorms! Not like Christmas...but the cold is coming in on Friday!)

  2. That MckMama is so clearly clever. She makes it so fun to join in. And I know she'll even let you enter in someone else's name if, you know, you already are a little hooked up with photo gear :)

  3. MckMama and Amie are doing great work.

    Children represent our future. Every child who comes into the world with out adequate love and support is the most precious gift we can lose. Every child that we help is one more promises of hope for the world.

  4. Oh - would I love to have that camera, but if I can't win it, I hope that you do!