Thursday, February 19, 2009

Speaking of Haircuts…

_MG_4806 “Uhm… excuse me, Miss Wanna-Be-Dog-Whisperer?”

_MG_4808 “I know I let you think you have the power sometimes so you feel a little more ‘Alpha Dog-ish’ but I think I’m going to have to lay down the law here. I’m only 5 years old, for heaven’s sake. This beard I seem to be growing is what we canines like to call ‘premature aging’.”

_MG_4731 “I don’t think I need to remind you about the bad hair day I had a few weeks ago, do I? Seriously. CUT. MY. HAIR.”

_MG_4835 ***** Fast Forward Forty-Five Minutes *****

_MG_4972 “Ahhh… see, now this is what I’m talking about. You get much less frazzled when I look cute while I’m being ornery. Trust me, this was as much for you as it was for me.”

_MG_4964“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some work to do… these canvas winner names don’t get drawn all by themselves, you know. Don’t worry, we can pretend you’re the alpha-human around here as soon as I make this announcement…”

The winner of yesterday’s canvas is:

STEPHANIE: Snuggle time with Dylan.

Congratulations! Email me at with your mailing address and I’ll get your canvas sent to you! :)

Thanks for playing along everyone… I loved reading every one of your comments yesterday. You all have such precious moments to savor and I learned something from each and every one of you.

And in case you’re curious… I cut a good three inches off my hair yesterday and am pleased to tell you that it happened before I took my meds, so I was alert and aware of every cut. It’s so much less stressful waking up in the morning when I REMEMBER the reason my hair is shorter! :)


  1. Hey, I have a Dylan! ;-)

    And you are good with that doggie hair cutting. I have given up on Peanut and made him an appointment at a place in town on Monday. I can't wait to see him all nice and groomed! ;-)

  2. also, I love how white Riley is. Peanut is totally "peachy" colored. Dylan and Aidan call it "dirty white." HAHA!

  3. Oh, believe me, if I
    1. could afford it, and
    2. didn't have a dog that would have a nervous breakdown if I left him somewhere,
    I would SO let someone else do the grooming. But he might be a little attached to me and just a little spoiled. He's also easier to give a haircut to than brush him for some reason. As long as I use a scissors... the clipper freaks him out. He's such a drama queen :)

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  4. Riley looks adorable! I had 2 of my little ones cut recently, but The Boo still needs 1 more shot before I can take him. He's a mess!!! And my pups nearly explode when I (The Husband) drops them at Petsmart for grooming...I can't take them because it embarassing when I start to cry.
    XOXO ;)

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  5. Riley is just too cute!!! Good job on the haircut!

    Recent blog post: I Love My Sissy....

  6. Congratulations, Stephanie! Gitz, what precious photos of your "drama queen!" :-D

    Recent blog post: Little Girl. Pink Shirt. Big Tears.

  7. I'm diggin' the new comments! What a resourceful woman you are, in so many ways. Dakota needs both a trim and a bath, but it seems futile with Spring (?) hopefully on its way. We have a new groomer who doesn't kennel the dogs after she trims or bathes them. Its pretty funny to see the dogs running everywhere when you walk in the door, but they seem more relaxed.

    Nice job oh dog whisperer (wannabe)!

  8. I am so excited that I won.

    Riley is too cute with his new cut, but we need to see how cute you look with your new cut as well.

  9. I'm glad your haircut went well...and Riley looks adorable! :)

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  10. Oh my goodness- your dog's hair turns out WAY better than mine when I do it! Maggie comes out totally uneven if I try such things (yet, I still try such things!) :-P

  11. Just had to say that I'm diggin' the new comment format, and love the emoticons! Also, I think it's impossible for Riley to be any more adorable than he already is, and has such a precious personality, to boot!! :-D Much love to the two of you today, Gitz! :*

  12. Oh, Robin... I so get it. Riley hasn't been to the vet in way too long because I'm afraid he'll be too scared if I'm not there with him. I have friends he would go with, but I'd be a mess.

    Wow, that sounded just as pitiful typed out as it did in my head! I may need to get a life. :-[

  13. I stayed up way too late last night trying to figure out how to install these comments. If you put your blog address in the URL line, it should list your last blog post underneath it, so other commenters can easily see what you've written and click to your site. I thought it might be a nice way for you all to get to know each other better.

    I'm kind of liking this feature of getting to reply directly under you too...

  14. Oh, I'm constantly finding little stray long hairs I clip periodically. It always takes a good week of snipping here and there after a haircut before I feel like I really have it right!

  15. I was SO excited when your name came up, too! :) And trust me, my hair turned out fine, but Riley's was much cuter to put on display! ;)

  16. Well, we may be a little biased, you and I, but I think he's pretty darn cute, too!

  17. Yeah, he knows how to work it. My friend Susie was over last night and only commented a FEW times about how insanely spoiled he is...

  18. I think its a great idea! I'll try putting my url in tomorrow. And I may,
    on some ambitious day, have you tell me how to do it, now that you have it
    all figured out!

  19. Oh girl... That is too dang cute. now, I've gotta tell you, his hair is SO much whiter than my friend's dog... You must bathe him every day! :)

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  20. Ironically, he hasn't had a really bath in a couple years... no lie! He never leaves the house so he's not dirty, and I lightly spray him with a waterless bath spray every night to keep him clean. It's so much easier to do that little bit every night than actually bathe and blow dry him.

    I always take the path of least resistance!

  21. thanks :) I think he's kinda cute, too...

  22. Riley acts like a celebrity so maybe you could sell that all cut hair on ebay. :)

    I am very impressed that he trust you enough to let you clip him. Does Riley go crazy around vacuum cleaners like most dogs?

    You did such a great job with Riley can I make an appointment if I get to Iowa? Of course you won't have to worry about taking anything "off the top". :)

    Recent blog post: The Cupcake

  23. He's not bad with the vacuum(probably because he loves my cleaning lady) but I have to cut him with a scissors because when I turn on a clippers he makes sounds like a hyena being beaten with a golf club.

    In other words, he doesn't like it all that well... :-D

  24. What a cutie pie! Now let's see your new cut...I bet you're lovely!

  25. Oh so cute!! I'm posting about you tomorrow (if my video ever uploads. i'm at 9% right now and its been working at it for 20 min).

    thank you soooo much. i am so excited!!!

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  26. My husband doesn't hide the scissors when I get out the Ambien, but he has hidden the car keys a time or two:)

  27. you groom riley?? wow.

    do you squeeze his boo-tay too?


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  28. Well, since I don't pay for my own haircuts it seems a little silly to pay for his. :) And yes, we are full service around here. And yes, it smells as bad as you imagine. Let's just say I'm glad he's a little dog. :-P

  29. and youre my hero. wanna come and squeeze duke too? i'll squeeze his neck
    (think...potty pad debacle) you can squeeze...

  30. uhmmm... I'm thinking this is one of those situations like when parents say they can change their own kid's diaper, but not someone else's...
    Oh, Duke. He's going to be living with the in-laws soon, isn't he? I'm telling you, try the LITTER.

    Recent blog post: Flashback Friday: It’s a Yahweh Chewyday

  31. well, maybe riley could use a friend. can duke come over for an extended
    stay? kthx.

  32. can you imagine? that would rock.riley'
    but if you were to personally deliver him I might consider it.
    [this new commenting system is kinda fun]

  33. Looks great. Want to try cutting mine sometime?

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  34. I'll leave that to Tam... she's seems to be more obsessed with its perfection :)

  35. you are so frickin' cute.

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