Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Easily Embarrassed?

Ok, so yesterday I was reading Tam's blog and she asked everyone to tell their most embarrassing moment... and since then I have been DRIVING MYSELF NUTS trying to figure out what mine is.

I even called Susie, figuring she could tell me at least a dozen embarrassing moments of mine off the top of her head.

But we're drawing a blank here, people.

Don't get me wrong... I think we've established over the last eight months or so that I can be a total idiot. I'm crazy gullible and have done ridiculous things. But I'm realizing that I just must not be that easily embarrassed... the memories that should be in that category we instead thought were just funny, not "hide in my closet in humiliation" embarrassing.

I swore in a microphone in front of the entire church. Totally not embarrassed... I definitely got red in the face but it was because I laughed myself silly. We've covered multiple examples of my gullible nature. But that's something OTHERS should be embarrassed by, since it was their cruelty that led to my being duped.


I'm thinking maybe people can only be embarrassed if they are out of touch with the reality of who they are. If you open your mouth and make a fool of yourself, but are already aware that the odds are good you'll make a fool out of yourself at any given moment anyway... you pretty much take it in stride. If, on the other hand, you're not prone to being an idiot by nature, you're going to be more embarrassed when something idiotic happens.

So, blog peeps... let me make this clear: I'm kind of an idiot, so consider yourself warned. Don't be taken aback when I tell you about the time some friends and I went out on the floor during halftime of a boy's basketball game in high school and did some "cheers" to entertain the crowd... and being that I was barefoot at the time, when I landed a great Herky jump with my toes curled under and dropped to the ground having broken two of my toes... I still wasn't embarrassed. It was a dang impressive jump.

Don't be shocked when I tell you stories about being a bit tipsy at a bar when the karaoke guy played "The Battle of New Orleans" at the request of a friend of mine and I kept interjecting, "Oil, that is..." in places because I thought it was the theme song to The Beverly Hillbillies

Cuz people, I'm a dork. There's just nothing embarrassing about that...

And for the record... they are kind of similar:

(Battle of New Orleans... "oil that is" sounds right when inserted at :35)

(Beverly Hillbillies theme song)

How about you? Are you easily embarrassed or are you in touch with your inner dork?


  1. You never cease to amaze me.

    I am speechless...my family would be in awe of your abilities.

    Those songs are NOT that much alike. Did you say you were snookered? I'll have to look again. How else could you not know every single word to the Beverly Hillbillies theme song?

    I do get embarrassed, but not too easily. Thank God Mama taught me to laugh at myself at a very young age. I have added more years to my life that way.

  2. @anita: you really don't think they sound similar? Oh my gosh, I can totally hear the similarities! And what part would your family be in awe of? The dork part or the idiot part? :)

    And yes, snookered might have been an understatement. Maybe I'll tell that story tomorrow... :)

  3. I think I'm both. I know full well that I'm a dork, but I also get embarrassed quite easily.

    And I can definitely hear the similarities!!

  4. That was a real blast from the past. I was singing along to "The Battle of New Orleans," which I remember our family had a recording of when I was little. I've never known anyone else who's heard of that song before, though. And I've definitely never seen video of it, either. That was hysterical!

    I think it's the cadence of the song, btw, and the banjo in the background that make them seem similar. But they really aren't all that much alike, Sara. How could you!

  5. I am a complete dork.. A klutz, a goof on top of that. And I am totally okay with that! It makes my (disabled) life easier to bear!!! I am so glad that I've found you!!!

  6. I think that becoming in touch with your inner dork, comes with age...so I guess you could say that I'm intimate with my inner dork!!!

  7. Sara , maybe i crazy but i see how the first part sounds the same . And knowing you you herd the first part and just started to sing , thats ok i do it all the time , wrong verses in church, or a song at least we try instead of having our head in the sand we prefer to let people know we are around. rite wrong or otherwise we choose to live and not live through others. sheri(goi)

  8. I had to listen twice to each one! There used to be a commercial on tv for a record that had the first song on it, but I never knew its name till now!

    Its the banjo that sounds the same to me! And then I can't help but think of Hee Haw...

    Maybe its part of our Midwest charm Sara? I was so relieved when you also said you thought Hermey the dentist was Herbie the dentist on Rudolph... dorksville right there with you : )

    The reason I am not easily embarrassed anymore is that I'd be walking around red faced every stinkin day! And then you have kids and your last shred of dignity just flies out the window... I don't stand a chance : )

  9. Okay...I soooo wanted those to sound alike, I even inserted "oil that is" at 35...maybe I've watched the B.H. way too much growing up, I know that song!
    You crack me up and the best part is that you just go with it. I'm always doing something embarassing and to me for a moment, it's physically painful...then I move on. :)
    Good stuff Gitz!

  10. OK - I still have the flu (worse than before) and this post made it painful for me... I had to do a "Sara" and put on my bold face because laughing makes me feel like I'm going to throw up! That is freakin' hilarious - that is soooo something I would do and by the way - I was totally able to insert "oil that is" at :35 and it sounded perfect! :) Yeah - we were destined to be best friends...

  11. Gitz~I can relate. I'm not easily embarrassed and can totally laugh at myself. I am SO in touch with my inner dork!

    "Oil that is"....love that! LOL

    You reminded me of something. Do you remember that song from the 80's...Rock the Casbar? Well I always used to sing the chorus with my name inserted..."Sharleen don't like it...Rock the Casbar, rock the Casbar." I really thought they were saying my name. DORK!

  12. I would say that I am not easily embarrassed at this point in my life. I can whip out a boob like no one's business to nurse and it doesn't embarrass me. I can say whatever and people know me so they don't care if I goof up.

    But my most embarrassing moment was in High School when everyone is trying to be cool and what not. I looked like an idiot. I think I will save my story so I can blog about it.

    oh and the songs, are kind of a like....I get it (especially if you are drinking adult juice)

  13. Well, I am definitely a dork and a klutz and a big mouth - but I wish I wasn't. So unfortunately, I am painfully self aware and easily embarrassed. I admire your confidence and acceptance of yourself.

    And now I'm off to read about you swearing in church - that sounds like a good one! ;)

  14. I'm a dork so some things just come with the territory. I agree, you get used to it.

    But, come on, tell me Gitz, if you had tucked the back of your skirt into your pantyhose and had no clue until you'd walked into a conference room of over 300 people, late...took your seat at the front table, went to smooth your skirt as you sat and felt nothing but underwear...

    I mooned the whole conference of brand new teachers waiting for the Superintendent to speak. My only recourse, it was pre-baby days so at least my butt wasn't sagging...yet!

    Now, tell me...wouldn't that embarrass even you?

  15. Peeps, this is cracking.me.up that some of you hear it and others don't. I TOTALLY still hear it and I swear I'm stone-cold sober right now :)

    @sharleen: that made me think of the commercial that was on a few years ago when the guy thought the lyrics to "Rock the Casbar" were "Lock the Cash box"... that sticks in my head every time I hear it now!

    @Michelle: laughed.out.loud! Dude, you got me there. Yes, I would have been embarrassed to the Nth degree... and just know I'm laughing WITH you, not AT you. :)

    @vicky: I'm thinking we should do a survey and find out how many people ACTUALLY knew the real name was Hermey and not Herbie... I don't think we're the only ones...

    @suz: sorry you're still pukey :( But I knew you'd hear the song right...

    @goi: LOVE IT that you sing the wrong verses in church... I've done that while leading the song right in the microphone. :) Then again, I don't remember anything about you being quiet... that's why we got along so well!

    @amie: just embrace your inner dork :)

    @jan: I think you're right about the cadence... but there are parts that are truly similar... at least in my mind...

    @crazydaisy: i, too, have gotten more clutzy with disability, but at least now it gives me an excuse!

    @robin: I don't think anyone else in the bar heard it like I did either, so you're in good company...

    @stephanie: I'm going to be looking for your story... :)

    @photoqueen: yeah, the swearing in church thing is right up there on the dork meter

  16. Gitz~ LOL I totally forgot about that commercial! Too funny! Lock the cashbox.....I'll be singing that all night now. BTW, I had to go check out your post about swearing in church, that was the best!

  17. i wish i could let my own stupidity roll off my back as easily...

  18. I agree the two songs sound similar when we listen to them back to back.

    When I was a teenager I would literally want to crawl under a rock when I did something that made other people laugh at me.

    Over the years I have had so much practise at doing dumb things it no longer bothers me. I just pretend people are laughing with me and not at me.

    Does Riley know what a goof ball you are?

  19. I'm not easily embarrassed. Thank goodness because I'm an extremely clumsy dork who spends more days than not with her foot in her mouth.

  20. I hear it. Makes perfect sense to me. (and yes, I'm sober!)
    I think I am fully aware of my dork-ness, but am not all that thrilled when I make it obvious to others. Maybe that's something I need to work on. :)