Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ahhh... Fresh Air

Friday was a happy, happy day. Even though it was the night my migraines started, it was still monumentally positive in my book.

Why, you ask?

Because for the first time in 8 months I sat with my door wide open and breathed in fresh air without any sort of negative effects. Well, other than the fact that it got really cold. :)

But my skin didn't itch, my ears and throat didn't hurt, my lungs didn't inflame and my breathing stayed normal. And I remembered how amazing it feels to breathe fresh air, hear birds chirping despite the snow and cold, and feel the tingle of cool air on skin that hasn't felt it in way too long.

I also got to remember what Riley smells like when fresh air hits his fur... because he was just as happy to be cold and sit in front of an open window as I was.

Obviously, with temperatures as cold as -30 degrees, whatever was in the air was killed off some time ago... but not even I am so desperate to breathe fresh air that I would sit in a house exposed to -30 degree temperatures! Even if I was, the problem is that the screen door, which is the only thing keeping Riley from running free into the icy mess of a parking lot, was frozen open. So on Friday, when it got up to a balmy 39 degrees here in Iowa, the screen door unfroze and slid closed with ease... and my pup was the first one in line to let me know about this exciting development.

_MG_4768 "Do you see it? Do you feel it? The outside is still there!!!"

_MG_4769 s-t-r-e-t-c-h     "Man, a dog could get used to this..."

_MG_4778 "Do I see a little crack of light? Could it get me outside?"

_MG_4780 "Maybe if I shove my nose in there far enough
I could squeeze through somehow..."  

It actually got up to 50 degrees here on Monday and will be getting colder later in the week... it's also rained a little, and all of these changes in the weather that should have me sitting in front of that open window have instead left me not feeling so stellar. But even if I don't get to enjoy the 50 degree reprieve, I'm going to be more than happy to bundle up and leave my door open when the stable, colder air comes back. Because I don't know what spring will bring for me.

My hope is that whatever made my lungs react so badly last year will not come back when the thaw happens. My dream is to spend every day sitting on my patio reading a book with a happy pup curled up next to me. Riley's dream probably involves the family of wrens that take up residence in my bird house, since it gives him something to guard me against... to each their own.

But regardless of what happens this spring, I am savoring every moment of cold, crisp, winter air.

And I'm trying to learn how to take deep breaths again.

***** ***** *****

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  1. Just have to tell you that I loved this post for so many reasons!!

  2. As you know you are my only twitter update I get on my phone so when you said on Friday you were breathing fresh air I just offered up a prayer of thanks. I love today seeing Riley in front of the door enjoying the chilly breeze. I'm going to start praying that this spring brings you fresh air you can breathe with ease. Feel better. love love love
    (The Husband is going to LOVE it that you talked to him in your comment yesterday! I can't wait till he sees it!)

  3. I love this post - and the cute pictures. You should have had Riley take one of you.

  4. Like I said on FB, I am so happy for you. I hope the funk doesn't make it back and you can enjoy the outdoors all summer long.

  5. Feels great, doesn't it? My grass is even green! Well, except where Lucky wanders...

    Enjoy todays sunshine!

  6. The only thing better than watching Riley enjoy the possibility of an open door (which was way cute) would be watching you get to enjoy it! I can see you there on the patio with the birds chirping and Riley all riled up and big smiles all the way around. Lets keep the hope for this beautiful day to be not too far off in your future :)

  7. I'm so glad you got a brief break and enjoyed the fresh air. I'll keep my fingers crossed that THIS will be the spring you can enjoy the outside. And those pictures are adorable. :)

  8. did that cause your migraine!?

  9. I am so glad you were given this chance to cheer your spirit. And I'm hoping for you that you will have many days on the patio this summer!

    And I'm doing the jiggity jig in ancticipation of another chance to win a canvas! Thank you Sara!

  10. I am so glad that you had those moments. I know what you mean, here in NE PA it was a smidge warmer and I got to walk a bit and enjoy the air and breathing it in.
    And about the dogs fur smelling of outside, my parents dog and I played outside all weekend and I LOVE the scent of her when she's been outside :)
    Happy for you for that wonderful blessing!

  11. I am praying, and believing, that you will be sitting on your patio all spring/summer.
    Soooo glad you were able to smell the air. I love the smell of the outside. I take it for granted all to often. Thanks for reminding me.
    Bless you.

  12. I look forward to seeing many pictures of you out on you patio with that happy pup at your feet.

    I think you may have to wait for summer for all that snow to finally melt.

  13. What is it that cold air seems so much cleaner than warm air? I'm glad that you were able to enjoy it! :)

  14. awww I loved this! :D I'm a bit jealous too! I want to open my windows! I love fresh air. Nothing better. I was so desperate for fresh air that yesterday I went and broke up the one inch thick sheet of ice that covered my entire driveway. I broke it up and shoveled it off. Took me three hours. But dang it was a nice three hours to breath in some fresh air!