Monday, June 28, 2010

YOU:create ... an introduction

I love that some of you are so excited about this little creativity challenge!!! Here’s what it’s going to be called:

Here’s why.

Every Thursday, you all [who are participating] are going to share one thing that you took the time to create that week. And that can be ANYTHING. Anything you took a moment to stop and do for you... anything that helps shape who you are as a person.

Because, here’s thing, as much as this is called YOU:create, it could just as easily be called create:YOU. When you stop for a minute and create something, accomplish something, finish a goal that would in some way fulfill a yearning you have inside, you are giving yourself the space to be you. To express yourself. To feel good about something you want to do rather than all those things you have to do.

That creates joy in your life. And you all know I’m all about the joy.

Personally, my health continues to make life more and more difficult for me. And, for the most part, I have to do what my body asks me to in order to function as well as I can. I rest a lot. I move even when it hurts in order to maintain some range of motion, but move too much and I do more damage. There are days I’m so exhausted that I have to give myself a pep talk just to get up and walk to the bathroom, and that’s after I’ve laid there and pondered how bad I really have to go.

It would be so easy for me to not accomplish anything. At all. There are a million different hobbies I have tried and loved, and one by one my body makes them impossible to maintain. But once a week, I am going to create something and share it here. Not because my body needs me to, but because I need to maintain a sense of me despite my body.

YOU:create = create:YOU

What can you do? Anything. You can:

  • make a scrapbook layout
  • paint on a canvas
  • make a card to send to a friend
  • bake and decorate a cake
  • write a poem or short story
  • work bit by bit on that book you always wanted to write
  • doodle in a journal
  • record a song
  • make sidewalk chalk drawings with your kids
  • paint a piece of furniture or a bird house

Whatever makes you feel alive and creative and YOU... I want to see it.

We’ll start on Thursday. I’ll share my creation for the week, and there will be a Linky at the end of the post where you guys can link up to your creations. If you have a blog, post about what you’ve done and link to it. If you don’t, take a photo or video of what you’ve done and upload it to a free site like Flickr and link us to that.

I am so excited to see what you all choose to do each week... mine will be different, so don’t feel pigeon-holed into one thing. And I’m hoping to be inspired to try some of your creations, too! Just have fun... find time to put some joy in your week, however creating that looks like to you.

If you want to use the little button I made on your blog or in your posts [that’s not my creation for the week, in case you’re wondering :)], there is a code for it over on the sidebar. Enjoy!

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