Monday, August 23, 2010

Blog Peep Questions: Round 12

Ok. First thing’s first. I have a pressing question for YOU...

Which one of these Blog Peep logos do you prefer?

blog peeps logo



I know. You were expecting something a little more important, weren’t you? But I really can’t decide, so I’m leaving it up to you which one I use in the future. Leave your choice in the comment section and whichever is liked the most, I’ll use. Never let it be said we aren’t a democracy around here. :)

Now, onto some of YOUR questions...

If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?

I said this line in passing to a friend of mine a few years ago, and it immediately struck me that it would be the perfect title for a book [and, in turn, a movie]: My Life is So Crazy My Dog is on Antidepressants.

Right? Isn’t that perfect? And, sadly, totally true!

This question segues into a few others you all have asked. Namely, What would you title your book? Are you writing a book? and What’s one writing project you’ve been putting off?

Well, the book title we’ve already covered, and the other answer is... aren’t I kind of already writing a book for you all? I’m just doing it in tiny little daily installments here on the blog. :) Think of it this way... if I wrote a book, I wouldn’t have the time or energy to write here every day. Not to mention, you get this for free and you’d have to shell out your hard earned money for a book!

So, the answer to whether or not I’m putting off any writing projects... Nope! This blog is my writing project. Which means YOU are all my writing project.

What could be more important than you? :)

Who would you want cast in your role for the movie?

I can’t imagine who would play me. Of course, I want to say Jennifer Garner, but that’s mostly because I’m so obsessed with all things Alias that the idea of her playing me would make my head explode. And it’s the only way I could ever pretend to have her perfectly sculpted arms. [My friend Shannon and I refer to them as “Alias arms.” We need to get a life. We know this.]

I really like Rachel McAdams in The Notebook, and Kyra Sedgwick in Something to Talk About, but I’m not sure if I think they’d be right to play me as much as I just totally want to have the chutzpa of their characters in those movies.

If you were to star in a movie, which would it be?

I would LOVE to live Meg Ryan’s life in You’ve Got Mail. Seriously. First of all, she’s adorable. I love the idea of walking the streets of New York, picking up flowers on my way to work, stopping at different vendors and eating lunch at a sidewalk cafe while watching the people walking by.

And speaking of work, to own that children’s bookstore? I’d be in heaven. I love the books... and to get to take a break in the day to put on a hat and act out stories to the kids who came to listen? Come on. How fun can life get? Plus, the store itself has so much character... you can almost smell the old wood and the polish and the fresh scent of new paper. And I would need a character in my life like Birdie who could serve me tea on pretty china and tell me stories about her life that are too far fetched to be true. Except they are.

Don’t even get me started on her apartment. It’s so happy and quaint and perfectly her. And if I had Tom Hanks show up with daisies because they are a happy flower... well, let’s just say I’d be happy in that movie.

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Ok, now don’t forget to vote on which logo you like better, and feel free to ask any questions that come to mind in the comment section.

Anything goes. :)

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