Monday, August 30, 2010

Riley's New Contract

Wowza, people. That was one seriously close vote on the logo for Blog Peep Questions! Honestly... total nail biter. :) I had a few email submissions from those who subscribe to get the blog posts in their email inbox every day, and I promised I would include their votes as well.

Final tally:

Bird Peep: 27

Cutest Blog Dog Ever: 24

I’ll be totally honest and say that I think the bird fits the theme of the posts better, too. But when I broke the news to Riley, I totally blamed it on all of you. I mean, what else could I do when I looked at this pitiful face:


He’s ok now, though. I gave him some extra pork roast to eat with his antidepressant medication tonight and assured him that his position as blog dog is a permanent one. I think he’s a little less trusting, however, because he’s demanded a new contract assuring at least one photo of him appears on here every week. And a raise in his allotted number of daily Cheerios.

He drives a hard bargain, but I’m a sucker for those big eyes. :)

So, from here on out, this remains the Blog Peep Questions logo:

blog peeps logo

But he remains the alpha:

IMG_1887 indie m

As it should be. :)

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