Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No Worries.

Hey, friends. Just checking in so there are no worries about me.

I've kind of adopted that as the motto here in the condo. When the Shan Clan was visiting this summer I kept telling Nie Nie and Yodi that my home was the Condo of No Worries so they weren't nervous if they spilled or broke something.

Because seriously, who could ever get mad at these faces?


So, since I seem to be fighting more infections lately, I'm extending my motto to the Blog of No Worries, too. I'm on some antibiotics and other meds, and am working on this latest bump in the road. But I'm not exactly Speedy Gonzales right now, so my intention that I'd get my photos processed and Gitz Bits up a day late is out the window.

Instead, look for this week's Gitz Bits on Thursday and a special Halloween Friday Five giveaway on Friday.

And hopefully I'll be more Speedy Gonzales and less Slow Poke Jones by next week.


Arriba! Arriba!

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