Thursday, October 7, 2010

YOU:create ... Week 12

My mother had a philosophy about sewing and altering that she passed on to me at a young age: If there weren’t people like us in the world, people who sewed for a living would have no one to sell their stuff to.

She is a wise, wise woman.

Although, admittedly, I’ve always envied people who could sew. I think taking a simple piece of fabric and turning it into something beautiful and useful is just about the most artistic and creative thing imaginable.

Which is why I’m going to feature something made for me by my friend Nicole for this week’s YOU:create. Since I’ve been out of commission the past few weeks, I figured you all wouldn’t mind if I borrowed the creativity this once. :)

Nicole and I have been friends since college. We met freshman year and have been like sisters to each other ever since.

me nic

Nicole is the one who dropped everything in her life the day after my dad died and drove a ridiculous amount of hours to be here with me. She told me when to take my medicine, she told me when to eat, she held my hair when I got sick and coaxed me into closing my eyes when I thought it was physically impossible to rest.

She laid with me in bed, rested her cold hand on my aching forehead, and told me it was ok to feel shattered and broken. That it was ok for me not to be ok. She has this way of knowing just what I need.

She simply loved me.

She is also an insanely talented person who recently put her sewing skills to good use for me, too. And she managed to pull it off despite eight little hands that are always trying to help her. :)


THIS is George’s new outfit. Although, because he’s so cute now, she said we may need to make George a Gilda [in honor of Gilda Radner, of course].

When she was here back in July she noticed that George was not the most comfortable walker to sit on. My hips and sacrum are very tender, and the seat on this thing is not forgiving. So she made me this adorable seat cushion out of the most darling fabric.

It is SO ME.


And because she goes above and beyond, she made me this cute bag with pockets to hang on the front. I have seen these bags on the front of old lady walkers and wouldn’t ever have thought I’d be caught dead with one. But leave it to Nicole to make one so dang cute that I was actually giddy to tie it on and decorate it.


Seriously. Have you ever seen anything more adorable?


And the girl pays attention to detail. The brown and green ribbon adds so much happy to my day it’s ridiculous.


Every time I sit on this seat and look down at the sweet green bow, my heart gets this little squeeze. I don’t get to have whimsical purses or funky shoes anymore, but this tiny bit of my life now has a little style. And it absolutely means the world to me.

I am so blessed, it’s ridiculous.

divider green

Now that I’m starting to feel a little stronger, I am certain I will be able to get a canvas ready for a giveaway between now and next Thursday... so thanks for being patient with me. :) And tomorrow I’m starting back with the Friday Five giveaway, so be sure to come ready to download!

I can’t wait to see what you guys came up with this week! Just click below and follow the instructions to link to your project. When it asks you to choose the web or a file for your thumbnail, choose web. Then it will take you to a list of the images on the page you are linking to and you’ll be able to choose a photo to represent your project.

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