Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Five: fall doodles

First thing first... we have to reveal the winner of the canvas!

You know how people always say, "I hate leaving the first comment, because the first comment never wins."

Well, chose #1!!!!

Which means the winner of yesterday’s canvas is:

Coloradolady: Oh, my goodness! I love this!!! What a beautiful canvas and a beautiful message!!!

Yay, Suzanne!!! I’ll get the canvas sent off to you! Congrats!

divider green

friday five new

I was remiss in getting some Halloween doodles made for you last week, so I went with a Fall themed doodle fest today. :) Hope you enjoy!


spooky spiders


falling leaves

autumn memories

As always, I think you all should have a say in what I create here for my Friday Five. Feel free to leave a comment with some things you’ve been wanting to have made. Certain words you’d like to use on your scrapbook page? Are there phrases you wish were made into word art? Are there themes [like holidays or back to school] that you’d like to have handy?

Hit me up in the comment section and let me know!

To get the doodles I made today, all you have to do is click on that download button and it will take you to the download page. Hope you enjoy!

download divider blue

I’m going to be linking my post to Shannon’s Take Five entry [she takes 5 minutes to write 5 things about her week]. Head on over if you want to participate and link up. :)

Have a great weekend, friends, and enjoy the people you love!
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