Monday, July 18, 2011


Last weekend Susie came over to keep me company, and she came with a surprise. But before she would show me she said, "This was only half my idea. And you can't laugh."

So I promised, and then proceeded to laugh at her. Because that's what friends do. :)

She surprised me by telling me that she was going to try to make me a dairy-free ice cream.

That wasn't the funny part.

This was:


Because that has got to be the oldest ice cream making contraption either of us had ever seen.

Suz has an electric ice cream maker that makes a gallon of yummy goodness, but her mom {Linda} told her that since we were experimenting we should use a quart-sized maker that Susie's brother had. Suz thought that was a great idea. What Linda failed to mention is that it is older than God and Susie would be hand cranking it during our visit.

That's the part I laughed at.

The thing is, it was funny because this isn't the first time I have had to show Susie the easy way of doing things in our relationship. Like when we were in college and I walked into the kitchen while she was hooking some strange contraption up to the sink, feeding potatoes into it. I asked her what in the world she was doing, and she casually said she was in the mood for hash browns.

It was then that I introduced her to the frozen food section of the grocery store. SHE WAS MAKING HER OWN HASH BROWNS, PEOPLE. Like she's freaking Martha Stewart or something. So she knew coming into my house with something that wasn't easy and electric was going to blow my mind.

And it did.

You know what else blew my mind? The ICE CREAM.


She used her regular recipe with a few modifications, including Silk vanilla flavored milk {you can use soy or almond… I regularly use the almond milk on my cereal and love it}. And I learned that day that there is a special salt just for ice cream.

I'm like an expert now.


She cranked that thing for a good thirty minutes, and


VOILA! Ice cream!


Really good ice cream. The kind that I couldn't wait for a bowl to eat.


And what's ice cream without strawberries? Ok, I would first choose chocolate or caramel if I wasn't allergic to both of them, but the strawberry rocked.


And this… this shows I have no pride or vanity left. Because I was going to take a picture of Suz eating the ice cream, since I am the blogger with the camera and everything, and she said, "No. Let's show them YOU." And then I remembered that Jessica had mentioned a few times that I have this new bed and she would like to actually see me in it, and so I did it. With no makeup and bed head and all…

And you know what? I don't even care. BECAUSE I GOT ICE CREAM!!!


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