Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Live UStream of Sara's Funeral

Last night was Sara's wake.

Hundreds attended.

It was amazing. Friends and family laughed and cried, shared stories and viewed a video slideshow of her life.  A deacon from her St. Stephen church family talked about joy, and then those in attendance were asked to share memories of Sara.

Sara was beautiful. Frail, but beautiful. She laid in her casket, wearing her "It's Not About Me" shirt, her jeans, and holding 2 rosaries. Even in death, our friend proclaims her life was about something bigger....she desires people to see it's about what God does through her rather than what she could do on her own.

The scope of her life continues to grow.  I was contacted before her death by a reporter named Emily who  wanted to discuss the positives of social media and friendship with me.  Reluctantly I did so, mostly because I was uncomfortable being out front in a story that is all about Him, how He brings people together, how He worked through her. This was published yesterday, and Sara's story continues to grow.

The Frankl family will be streaming the funeral live this afternoon at 1:30 CT if you'd like to attend along with us, please click here. The link is located at the bottom of the page, beneath Live Video from SCCS Sports. Sara told me she wanted her death to be a celebration. She was home with her Savior.

I can think of no better reason to have a party, can you?

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