Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Greetings  Friends,

This is Shannon, popping in to offer all of you an update on our sweet Sara.

Gitz is continuing to remain still. She’s working with her nurses and physician to unravel just what is going on with her body, which is NEVER a straightforward process.  Sara is sick. This statement could mean a variety of things, but right now it involves labored breathing, pain, a lousy stomach, and a weekend of IV fluids.

To say that this entire situation totally and completely stinks doesn’t come anywhere near doing  it justice.

I’ll just go ahead and voice what everyone who’s reading this update is feeling  ... It’s not fair. 

Nope. It’s not.

Life isn’t fair.

Sara wouldn’t want us to focus on the not fair.  That’s not who she is or who she’ll ever become.  Not fair isn’t a phrase that pops up in her vocabulary.  She focuses on her purpose, the beauty around her, loving people well, and the story that we cannot yet see.

Sara doesn’t ask to see the ending.  She simply trusts in the One who planned it all out before she came into being.  Sara’s belief in the Lord is HUGE and her faith is beyond measure. She trusts Him implicitly with the details of her life. She’s a part of His story. Her main desire is for others to come to know Him like she does;  As a Father, a provider, a refuge. Sara's trust in God is what I love most about her. I also adore her sparkling eyes, hugs that make you feel melty inside, the way she always listens before she speaks, her freckles that have faded from lack of sun, the way she puts everyone first...

Okay, I need to stop and be completely honest. I love everything about her, from the way the corners of her eyes crinkle when she smiles to the way she fills your heart all the way up, far beyond overflowing, when you're in her presence.

So, to say I love something most?  It means it’s something I honestly believe we all can take from her and put into practice in our own lives.

Less  it’s not fair...

More trust

A whole lot of faith.

Please continue to join me and others in this community in prayer for Sara as she travels this road. I’ll continue to update as medical and other information changes.
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