Monday, September 5, 2011

New Territory

Hi friends. This is Shannon, mama to NieNie and Yodi and heart friend of our Sara. I must admit I’ve written this first line about a dozen times and keep hoping for it to end in a different way.  But it’s not going to, and both Sar and I are okay with it.

But we can still hope...

Hope. Wait. Repeat.

Because right now? It’s what she’s doing... Waiting. Resting. Hoping. Waiting some more. 

Her health isn’t where she or I want it to be, but that doesn’t mean He doesn’t know exactly where she is.  I’m trusting on Him to provide for her, fill her, and grant her peace.

With all of that said, I need to ask you to support Sara as she ventures into territory not yet explored.  My friend is taking a blog sabbatical for a bit, to catch up on her rest and see if she can’t get into a new groove that will work for both her body and her spirit. 

The blog? This place we all come together and share our hearts and faith? It’s as much a part of Sara as Riley is nuzzled against her side.  It has been a struggle for our girl to put fingers to keyboard and ask that you’ll join her in this time of quiet; I’m stepping in and doing it for her.  She’s not giving anything up, just slowing it down for a bit to see if she can find more of her to be with all of you.

As she breaks from the blog, she’ll also be “on pause” (as Yodi says when she needs to stop something) from answering email. I promise to pop in from time to time and post updates for you because I know how much you all love her.  It’s her desire that none of you fret a bit, or feel ignored if she doesn’t get back to a comment or email.  Her main focus is on getting herself back to where she needs to be...and currently that doesn’t include a whole lot of sitting up, reading, or typing. It involves complete and total rest which her body desperately needs.  I’m so proud of her. She’s not pushing it too hard, and she’s listening to what she’s supposed to be doing instead of pursuing what she desires to do. 

That takes strength.

So, as this sabbatical begins, her plan is to check in from time to time. It’s my hope that you’ll all stick tight as she ventures this new road. I know that it is her heart’s desire to come back to you refreshed, renewed, and ready.  I’m declaring it here in print nonetheless that I trust in her plan to succeed, at least, as Dr. Seuss says, “98 and ¾ percent guaranteed.”

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