Thursday, April 1, 2010

I’m Not Just an April Fool

I am a fool.

I’m thinking maybe if I just say it out loud, then no one will feel the need to prove it today. I fall for anything. We get it.

To prove my point, here’s a small recap about the sprayer on the kitchen sink I told you about last year:

My sister Laura, brother-in-law Jeff and niece Rebecca stopped by to see me on Friday afternoon on their way through town to watch my nephew play in a basketball tournament. We were talking about the blog I had written about being gullible, and Laura asked me if I remembered how they used to all go off and ride horses and leave me in the front yard on my plastic bouncing horse that was mounted with springs… because they didn't want to help me ride along with them.

[I know... they were cruel weren't they? Just wait... it gets worse.]

I said, "That wasn't the worst of it... remember when I was really little and Jim and Steve convinced me they had hooked up the sprayer on the kitchen sink to a speaker, so if I talked into it when you were all out riding horses they could hear me?"

I don't think any of us breathed again for the next five minutes we laughed so hard. Apparently Laura never knew they did that to me, and the image of me as a little girl, sitting on the counter in the kitchen, waving at them out the window while talking in the sprayer was too much for her to take. She was red faced, tears streaming, shaking with laughter... no amount of slow breathing was pulling me out of this one. Jeff was no better and Becca was just staring at me like I was a freaking idiot. I definitely lost cool points for that story.

I also don’t think I have to remind you about my sister Janette convincing me she was my real mother [she’s 5 years older than me] and that mom raised me to avoid the scandal. Seriously. We’ve covered it. I’m gullible.

A few days ago on Twitter, Carlos Whittaker [@loswit] posted a video of his family driving, telling us that he caught a hilarious, horrible parenting moment on video. I watched it so many times and have yet to see it without cracking up laughing.

Then it went viral.

Seriously, I always wondered how those crazy videos wind up on Ellen or late night talk shows. And now we know… it is totally random how one catches on. Carlos just tweeted today that he was contacted by Jimmy Kimmel Live and will be on his show, and then was contacted by the CBS Early Show, who will be interviewing him today.


My thought, when all the tweets were going back and forth, is that this would seriously be the most killer, albeit intricate, April Fools Day joke to play on us… to have us believing he’s going on all these shows only to show up on twitter and say, “April Fools!”

But since he’s now been on Perez Hilton’s site and on the front page of, I’m taking his word on this one. In case you miss it elsewhere, here’s the video getting all the press:

I’m just waiting to see how long it takes Oprah to call him, asking him to sign the No Phone Zone pledge. :)

[Carlos is also an amazing singer/songwriter… check him out here on iTunes]

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