Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Horsing Around

Since yesterday's was a more serious blog and everywhere else you go today will probably be about politics, I thought I'd inundate you with cuteness. I think I may have mentioned once or twice that I have the cutest, smartest, kindest and most loving nieces and nephews on the planet... but in case you've forgotten...


This is my sweet niece Rebecca Jo peeking through the window... more commonly known as Becca. When my sister Laura was pregnant with her we didn't know if she was a boy or a girl, but for months my nephew Thomas would announce to anyone who would listen that he was going to have a sister and her name was Reeeeebecca. Emphasis on the "e." They had never discussed that name, but when she was born a beautiful and healthy little girl, they decided he may have been on to something and stuck with the name.


This photo was taken at my place about a year and a half ago. You might be able to see Becca in there somewhere, but what you can't miss is Sassy... the horse that was almost bigger than her. I'm not sure how they fit Sassy in the vehicle with the four of them, but Becca hardly needed the couch cushions with Sassy there to lay on.

Horses have been the theme of Miss Becca's entire life. And I don't know how to fully explain this passion to you. Because passion, truly, isn't a big enough word. When she was little, Becca didn't just WANT a horse, she wanted to BE a horse.

The photo below is from Christmas 2001, when she got that black horse from Santa. We were all watching a movie and Becca was in her "stance" watching along. Notice her snack of choice? Carrots, of course. I am telling you, she had the stance perfected... and she could gallop and buck and whinny with the best of them.

Becca as Horse11

One night, Becca was in tears over the fact that no matter how much she wished, she would always be a girl and never be a horse. My nephew Thomas, trying to console her said, "But Becca, if you were a horse we'd never be able to hug you."

Here response? "Yeah, but you could pet me."

She was determined. And with a face like hers, who could refuse her anything? We used to play for hours, not with her horses, but with her being the horse. She would have scenarios all worked out and give me one of the following scripts to follow:

1. I was a girl coming to the barn to pick out a new horse, and she was so beautiful I had to pick her. Then I would be her trainer and teach her tricks... give her food... tell her when to rest.

2. I was a race horse trainer... she was usually named Lightening, and we would set courses for her to run around. Over and over again. Endlessly.

3. It was my birthday and I would receive a gift... after opening the box I would think it was a statue of a horse (she was CRAZY good at being still)... then she would surprise me by being a real horse and we would eat cake. (That was my favorite... because even pretend cake is better than no cake.)

Becca on Horse11

This was our routine for years and years. And the girl still loves her horses, although I haven't seen her gallop through a room for quite awhile. She may have outgrown that stage. My brother-in-law Jeff has built her barns for her horse collection and pretty much anything she has on her wish list is horse-related. She found her calling early in life.

I'm excited to see how this passion plays out for her... but with her love for animals and compassionate spirit, I have no doubt it will be worth the wait.

Becca Bucking11

And you have to admit, she's got the bucking thing down pat...


  1. What a doll she is! And yes how nice to get into the mind of a child on this big "news" day...
    I'm pretty impressed with Becca's imagination...being a horse is better than having a horse!

  2. What is even more wonderful, is a family that encourages imaginative play. What a wonderful gift that is for a child.

  3. She is a beautiful girl! Her spirit just dances through the photos and how wonderful for the two of you to share such a special relationship. It will be exciting to see where she will be inspired to go with her passion for horses!

  4. The photo of Becca in her stance alongside the black horse reminds me exactly of my granddaughter Eden. Only she is a deer. It all started with Bambi and went on from there. She passionately loves all things deer. How we love our "deer" little girls.

  5. Oh, to be a kid again.
    Thanks Sara, this was fun:I wish that I could remember if my kids had "dreams" like these. Brain Damage can be a PAIN SOMETIMES:(

  6. Hi Sara! It's Becca! I'm glad that I could be your main topic this time! I never remembered the picture of me and Sassy though. I do remember trying to be a horse like that though. I have been trying to talk my parents into getting my a horse before I graduate high school. So far . . . no luck. Maybe you could try to convince them. LOL! I miss you alot and I send all my love to you!

  7. She is gorgeous. I can't recall that I ever wanted to be an animal, but I did want to be a boy when I was like 6. Guess growing up around all boys makes you wanna fit in.

  8. becca - YOU are beautiful and your aunt sara loves you SO much! and now ive taken quite a liking to you too cuz we share the same middle name ;)

    kthx, bye

    tammy jo

  9. How cute! I had Macy for the first day when this posted. I don't know how it got 'read' in my reader. Your niece is beautiful. Does she own horses? She does have a pretty good stance there. Can she whinny? I hope to hear more about Becca and her horse passion.