Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Peek A Boo

I may have pulled 587 muscles in my back tonight, but my dog had me laughing so hard it might have been worth it.

Dawn came and cleaned my house today, and the Mediacom repair dude was here for a few hours replacing my DVR because the hard drive was fried. Bad news: I lost all the episodes of tv shows I had recorded and was waiting to watch. Good news: he replaced the DVR and changed out a cable that makes my picture look about a million times better. I'm just hoping that has full episodes of Brothers & Sisters and Desperate Housewives online or I'm going to be a sad little chica.

Anyway, my point is that I had a lot more activity in the house than either Riley or I have been used to since I've been feeling less stellar. And while it made me tired and ready to lay on the couch all night and pretend that the blog writes itself (it doesn't, by the way... no matter how much I procrastinate), the extra activity RILED up RILEY.

He was whining and unsettled. And persistent. He wanted in the other room, he wanted me in the other room with him, then he wanted us back in the red room, then he drove me insane. And that's when it happened. I turned to walk away from him (yes, I was following my dog around... don't judge... I already know I need a life), and when my back was turned I could hear him creeping up behind me like he was sneaking up to scare me or something.

So I turned around quickly (that's when the 587 muscles got pulled) and I scared the life out of my dog. He took off running through the room, jumping from couch to chair to couch again... I swear to God if dogs could laugh, he was laughing. And as soon as I turned my back and started to walk away from him, he did it again. We played that game for as long as I could take it (only about 3 times) but it was quite entertaining and he's no longer whining.

Playing that game reminded me that while I've told you guys about his love of Hide and Seek, I've never shown you photos of him playing Peek a Boo. I'm so glad I have photographic evidence so you all don't think I'm crazy and that this disease has somehow affected my brain as well.

This is the pup, burrowing his face to hide behind the pillows... waiting for me to say, "Where's Riley?"


I'm telling you, the dog is just that side of human.


  1. Goodness, Riley is just too cute....cute as a button.

  2. Oh my gosh, that totally made my day! I needed that laugh! So darn cute!

  3. ok, i cannot believe i am commenting about a dog...not a big dog fan here. BUT i do believe that God has gifted you with a dog that truly is part human. that was just too cute!!

  4. Girl, I believe you...that Riley is a doll. And I don't think it unusual to follow your pup around, I do it all day. And talk to them. Totally normal.
    Okay, the DVR, mine is on the fritz and I didn't get Brother's & Sister's from Sunday...I love that show! Maybe I need a new one, I'm calling the Cable co. today! (Thank you for helping me with that issue!)

  5. And "Just that side of human" is where we want them to stay...In their happy word, where we never do wrong...where we are never judged...and always loved. Sometimes I wish I were a dog, but then I wouldn't have my "babies" to love me!

  6. Oh, he's so cute!

    What a wonder dogs can be. Thank you Lord for creating them!

  7. Can I borrow Riley for a little while? Not only is he so darned cute, but he seems to enjoy many of the activities that my 19-month old does! Jack also follows me from room to room whining and can't really tell me what the deal is. I can also distract Jack by doing something silly like turning around suddenly and yelling, "boo!" . . . but then I have to continue doing that for about an hour. And peek-a-boo? Forget it! It would be a battle of wills to see who could last longer, Jack or Riley!

  8. Too bad I can't just transmit from my DVR to yours, or you would have the latest "Brothers & Sisters" and "Desperate Housewives." I bet that feature is coming next!

    Oh, Riley. Where would us moms be without the fodder of our "little people with fur?" You are one clever pup!

  9. Hey, check out for episodes of your tv shows. Not sure if it has those, but it has many of them.

    Riley is hysterical. I don't think I'd want to leave the house with a dog like him! haha

  10. Oh my gosh Sara. I horse laughed out loud at the mental image I got of you scaring him. Mabel does something similar to this, she'll chase me, then I'll chase her. I think our dogs are related. :)

  11. That is the cutest dog I've ever seen. Those two pics... oh my.

    My cat is the same way; if there are more people in my house than usual she gets all nervous and anxious.
    And she follows me around all-day- long. Wants to sit on me 24/7 if she would have her way. And the truth is, she's such a comfort to me when times are rough. I think it's time I start posting about my cat as well ;-)

    I know some people don't understand, but I'm glad there are other animal lovers out there who understand how amazing an animal can be.

  12. Dogs are great! My puppy, Presley (part Shitzu, part Poodle) does really funny stuff like that. If you stop rubbing his belly, he paws at you until you start again. He also runs in circles (down the hall, up on to the bed, leaps off the bed, back down the hall, on the couch, off the BACK of the couch, to the chair), I call it the puppy half-pipe.

  13. LOL Wonderful story and pics, Sara. Beau does the same things...we call him the "toddler" because he is so much like a more self sufficient toddler. Always doing funny things and so full of life.

  14. How cute! Keith and the kids are going to have a hard time talking me into anything other than a maltese when we get our next pet.

  15. What a great companion you have in Riley. He would clearly wear me out, in a good way.

    If I turned around quickly I would probably pull 588 muscles.

    Terrific pictures, thanks for sharing them.

  16. He is just so cute. Sounds like an awesome companion too!