Friday, November 7, 2008

Prove It.

I love that I got to work at a magazine. I started out being an editorial assistant and began getting more responsibilities and more writing assignments as time went on. I realize that I barely dipped my toe in the water of what might have been, but my toes enjoyed the experience very much.

One day, on one of my first writing assignments, I was sitting in my office trying to figure out a way to make a complicated technology seem simple to the readers. Since college, my way of writing has always been to do as much research as possible, know my stuff and then set it aside as I sit down and write. I was never good at planning the outline in advance; I would have to start writing before the whole concept could really form for me.

So on this particular day I had done all my research and I started writing. And hitting backspace. And writing. And hitting backspace. I just couldn't figure out a concept or a way to begin. So I did the only logical thing I could think of... I went to the person in the office next to mine and we ordered chinese food. Because when you don't know what else to do, procrastination always seems like the best course of action.

I ate my sweet and sour chicken while we talked about anything and everything besides work, and then I opened my fortune cookie. And I kid you not, this is what it read: "You are competent, capable and creative. Prove it." Well, ok then.

fortune cookie

I took fate's swift kick in the derriere, went back to my office, took a deep breath and started writing. And it was one of the more fun articles I wrote. The thing is, I always knew what needed to be said and I had the way of telling it inside of me. I just forgot for a moment.

Why am I telling you this story? Because I think we all have so many gifts and so much potential inside of us. Sometimes we have such definite ideas of how something should go that we forget to let go and let life happen. Sometimes we get so caught up in thinking about doing something great, and worrying that it might not turn out good enough, that we forget to start. We forget to take a deep breath and trust that God made us... which means that who we are is enough. It means that whatever we need in any given moment, we have. We just have to trust ourselves, trust Him and trust that we are capable.

And then prove it.


  1. God had you write this for me.

    im kinda short on words right now...

  2. this was so good. and so for me.

    i need to "prove it" today.

  3. Yep. I'm a taker. It was for me too. Whew! I'm thanking you a lot these days, Gitz. You just keep on giving!

  4. Thank you Gitz. You always make so much sense!!

  5. Thanks, Sara. I just had this experience of writing last night. Although I didn't do what I usually do, which is to digest the information and then set it aside to write...I got too wordy...too tired to change it...posted anyway...hopefully the Lord will still use it.

    I love the way you write. You truly have a gift!

  6. You need to write a book!
    (And make plaques.)

  7. Oh my gosh, Sara! I was in my studio with charcoal in hand staring at a blank canvas and trying to figure out what to put on it. Gave up picked up my laptop to look at my favorite blogs.

    And here you are!

    Guess I'll get my tail back in there...


  8. Wow, this blog couldn't have spoken to me more. I am a perfectionist and occasionally accused of having OCD. It's hard to let go at times, but have found that when you do...your finished product turns out better. (ever noticed that when you get "ready" to go out in a hurry is usually when you get the most compliments from other people.) Thanks for reminding me to Let go and Let God.

  9. Reading this I thought, Gitz has somehow gotten hold of my journal. But looking at the comments, I see God must have been using you to speak to lots of people!
    This was so perfect for today.

  10. awesome post sara. see how you continue to touch lives all over blog land? I appreciate you.

  11. Hey all... just goes to show how alike we all are... seemed to be meant for all of us somehow.

    @sherri: you'll have to let us know what creation you and your charcoal came up with :)

  12. Its such a "universal idea" written in a personal message that "packs a punch!" Your daily life lessons have begun living in my heart and I take them with me everywhere... plus I am really enjoying all the artwork you are so cleverly making. Thank you Gitz. I have a feeling it isn't without a mighty effort on your part that you are showing up to post every day. Please know that as we start heading into the "deep freeze" season I am praying that God cloaks you in warmth and eases those weary bones! Blessings!

  13. I love the saying...God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called. So true.

  14. Hm, I needed to hear (read)that!

  15. This happens to me all the time! When you commit to blogging every single day, it is bound to happen I guess. I can't tell you how many times I have thought "I got nuttin", and ended up with a great post. Just a matter of getting to it!