Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm a Winner!!! (Part 2)

As Riley and I have stayed cozy warm and bundled up in the gorgeous afghans we acquired in our first giveaway win, the weather outside has been frightful!

This is what it looks like when they pile snow from the parking lot right in front of your condo after 13 inches of snow falls overnight:


And this is what a spoiled and attention-starved puppy looks like after you've just taken the time to photograph anything other than him:


Some things around here never change. :)

One thing that looks different, however, is the wall above my computer desk, because of that second giveaway win I told you about a few weeks ago! One of the regular blog peeps around here is a bona fide artist. Not a doodler like me, but an actual sells-her-art-for-money-and-makes-lovely-pictures kind of artist. You can see more of Susan's art here, or check out her blog Raisin Toast for all sorts of interesting stories.

Lucky me... I won an absolutely gorgeous oil painting just for guessing that her husband dressed up as a Harley rider for Halloween. And let me tell you, the prize far outweighs the effort of the guess.


I obviously like it because it's beautifully made, but personally I love it because it allows me to look at green grass and blue skies and barns in the country... letting me pretend like I'm closer to home. A cityscape might have been lovely, but a farm scene touches my heart.

Looks like Christmas came early around here... and I'm sending out the canvases today for all of last week's winners so you can have some post-Christmas fun, too!

Yea for free stuff!!! :)


  1. Free stuff is so fun! That painting is so nice! I LOVE when the paint is thick in a scene like that. I will never forget the first time that jumped out at me from a painting. It was Luncheon at the Boating Party. Amazing!

    I am so glad you won those things. It is fun to see good things happen to people, but when they are people like you, well, it is downright fantastic.

  2. Oh, you lucky thing. That oil painting is gorgeous. I have a friend who works in oils, and they go for huge bucks. Whoever gave that away was being generous indeed!

  3. ooh..ooh..I love a good prize!!lol.

    The snow here is the same!! The kids have made sledhills out of the corners of the driveway...And more to come!!

  4. Being a southern gal...I just can't imagine all that snow! What a lovely painting. So glad that you won it as you are very deserving!

  5. Yea for you! I like me a give-away and all, but isn't it just so much better when the prize is a handmade treasure? I'd never be one to walk into a gallery to buy a painting, but getting one from someone you know is so cool! And then, when people come visit, you can say that you won the paiting from an artist friend of yours ... and you sound really cool : )
    It's a perfect addition to your home, filled with things you have gotten from people that you love. Everything in your home tells a story, and I love that!

  6. Hi! Painting looks great. We live in Texas but I grew up in the Connecticut and thought I'd never want to see snow again. A couple weeks ago however, we started to have some flurries and I looked out the window and started jumping up and down like a fool! Who knew I missed that crazy white stuff! It reminded me of snow days and hot chocolate and playing with friends outside while we helped each other shovel our driveways for our parents. My drive way was too long and too much work so sometimes we just shoveled two tire trails for my dad's truck.. good times.. good times.
    -Sahsha's Mummy

  7. Wow, that is a beautiful painting! I'm with Anita, I love it when good things happen to good people : ) It looks great on your wall.

    Snow removal service is also something to smile about, perhaps not blocking your view, but at this point is their really any other place to put the snow? (she says as she bundles up to go shovel more new snow!)

  8. Thank you, Sara, for the mention! I am so thrilled that you are enjoying the painting and that it has a good home with you and Riley. I'll tell ya, that Riley is somethin' else. He is the cutest thing ever! He looks almost just like our "Hannah." She is a malti-tzu pup and adorable. Is Riley a Malti-tzu? They look so much alike. Oh, and I like the haircut on Riley and will be taking Hannah to the groomers for the same haircut. I like the hair out of Riley's eyes and not so much below his chin. He looks so well groomed.

    Thank you again for the mention! I hope your readers will pop on over to Raisin Toast sometime too.

    Have a very Merry Christmas, Sara!


  9. I was wondering what your second win was. :)

    ps: could that sentence have had more w's in it??

  10. That is very nice oil painting.

    Another cute picture of Riley. Tell him I mean a very manly cute.

    The scene outside my condo looks just like yours, however the temps here are going up to 45 on Christmas day.

  11. Yea for the win!
    I'm thrilled because really is there anything more fun than going to the mailbox and getting something exciting?!?!?
    Love to you...

  12. Just followed your link from Pioneer Woman. Love reading your blog--especially about your wonderful Mom!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  13. that is the perfect scene for you to look at. the painting, that is!

    as much as i would like it to snow here...looking at your view, im thinking...nu-uh, not so much!

  14. that picture of snow makes me happy :) but I would be SO much happier if it was in our front yard instead of just yours.

    Merry Christmas Gitz!

  15. I thought this looked like your farm too. I drive by there once in a while and remember all the fun we had growing up. Sheri

  16. WOW.. I wouldn't know what to do with snow. Living in San Diego for so long I forget that winter actually exists!!! hahaha

    That "masterpiece" totally rocks!!!