Monday, January 12, 2009

10 Things...

Hey, blog peeps...

So, I was tagged by ISO last week and am supposed to come up with 10 things about myself to tell you about. I've been tagged before (see here) and am not sure there's anything left that is a mystery about me after months of blogging, but since I didn't have anything else pressing to write about I figured ~ what the heck! So, here are 10 things y'all might not know about me:

1. I'm not Southern and have no right to use the term y'all, but I've made some friends in the South that are bringing it out in me.

2. When I was a senior in high school I went to a meeting about touring (singing/dancing) with Up With People. Then my parents laughed and said have fun in college.

3. When I started college I was a Biology major for about 15 minutes until I realized how much math was involved.

4. One of my favorite classes in high school was Advanced Bio. when we got to dissect cats.

5. If I was on death row and got to choose my final meal it would be fried pork chops, potatoes with milk gravy and corn.

6. I just realized after I wrote number five that it could have been placed in a better position than after talk of dissecting cats... sorry about that if you're eating breakfast right now.

7. When my Grandpa and I would play cribbage and I was counting my 15's, he'd tell me to "drop my voice" when I found them all so I'd stop looking for more. When Riley barks I tell him to drop his voice. It worked better when Grandpa said it to me.

8. I bought this book: IMG_3873
with a gift certificate I got for Christmas and I think I heard Riley say, "Enough with the pictures already, woman." Then I told him to drop his voice.

9. When people ask me to pick favorites (song, movie, etc.) I literally can't do it. I like too many things to choose and my favorite is usually whatever I'm watching or listening to in that moment. So those security questions that banks give you online to access your account? Brutal.

10. The one exception to number 9 is my favorite TV show: it will always be Alias. I so want to kick butt like Sydney Bristow.

I wrote all of those without pausing, so now you know what it's like to live inside a brain that takes narcotics. I'm thinking it should be used as a lesson for teenagers to not do drugs...

On a side note, my friend Brent asked me if I would collaborate on a post with him this week on his blog, and since he's such a nice guy I couldn't help but say yes. He's posting about complaining and changing our perspectives on his blog today, and my follow-up thoughts will be posted there (and here) tomorrow. Just thought I'd point you in his direction in case you're interested in hearing his thoughts before reading mine.

Just for fun... leave me one random thing about you we might find interesting in the comment section. :)


  1. In traveling, I somehow seem to have lost about 15 pairs of underwear. I'm down to six pairs. Total. And they are all in my luggage right now. My luggage is in the trunk of my car. I didn't have the energy to drag it in through the snow today.

    So, my interesting fact is...I'm not wearing any underwear. A few hours ago, I went out to by half and half. I wasn't wearing any underwear then either.

    If it hadn't been for the clothes I was wearing--high water scrub pants and a hooded sweatshirt I stole from my dad's dresser 10 years ago--that would have been a very sexy Terroni tidbit.

    As it reads now, though, it's probably another good reason not to introduce me to your single friends.

  2. @T: And as always! Anxious to hear how the interviews went in NY!

  3. I can SO relate to your number 9; I never can answer favorite questions!

    My random fact is that I was once invited to join a Prince of Saudi Arabia's harem! I do believe that is obvious that I declined. This all happened through a military friend, and is kind of a long story. But that is my fact for the sleepless night that I am having thus far.

  4. @jess: WHA?!?! I'm thinking we may need to hear more of this story...

  5. Not that I feel a need to top Jess's harem request, but I do have a little trouble following it.


    I have a really really good underhanded pitch. I do not use it to play softball, I use it to clean. And I can do it with my toes, too. Southern. Y'all.

  6. *Did you get the email about PBS? Lemme know if you didn't.

  7. I love superhero movies. Any of them and all of them.

    This is a strange fact because I'm a very serious person, I love old English, tradition etc

  8. I LOVE the band Bon Jovi..actually I have a serious crush on Jon Bon Jovi. My husband went into this marriage knowing this fact which is a good thing because after 13 years with him I still have the hots for JON!!! The silliest thing I ever did was to go to a John Kerry convention in Cedar Rapids just to see Jon Bon Jovi play for it. My sister and I got up very close to him and she yelled...."I LOVE YOU JON" and he looked at us and SMILED!!!! AHH-I still smile thinking about it!

  9. I have got to be the most boring person on the planet. I have 4 grown kids and I've replaced them with pups~ I've got to get a tiny life...geeeze lousie y'all! (I'm Southern and until Gitz wrote y'all, I've been spelling it wrong!
    Ya'll!~!!!oh well~)

  10. I minored in Women's Studies in college, which caused me to say things to my boyfriend (now my husband of 25 years) like, "I never want to have any kids; I am going to be a career woman." We have 5 kids and I have been a stay-at-home mom for about 19 years now after less than 10 years in my career. Ironic, yes?

  11. Okay - I've posted about this, But - My husbands mother is married to my father.

  12. When I started college I was a Biology major for about 15 minutes until I realized how much math was involved.

    I SO get you here.
    BTW....are you a cat hater????


  13. Hmmm, the mere mention of Biology brings to mind an interesting story or two. In 10th grade Biology my crayfish had a "sac" inside that I thought was either unfertilized eggs or babies. My teacher however howled when he inspected them... it seems that they were maggots...

  14. I can parallel park in most any space at least 18 inches longer than the car I am driving. What can I say. I had an excellent drivers training instructor and I usually follow directions well.

  15. -i talk to myself. a lot!

    and, i think my sons voice is about to drop.

  16. 8 years ago my husband and I went to Maui and renewed our vows at sunrise over Mt Haleakala. It was the second time in our lives we have seen that sunrise. The first time we saw it, we rose bikes 38 miles downhill from the crater. We were in our 40's then and the rest of the group were in their 20's. I still have a T-shirt they gave me that has "Bikin' Granny" across the back. :)

    This is still one of the highlights of our lives.

  17. I so get the "favorite" thing..
    Except for a brief period of ballerina worship at about 7, I never wanted to be anything but a nurse.. which I am (was).. til I was disabled..

  18. ummmm

    I can find something wrong with anything. Sounds horrible huh? Meaning, I like things to be even, the same, asymetrical (I'm certain I spelled that wrong, right?), PERFECT. While I'm an extremely cluttered and messy person, when I clean something I go crazy over analyzing it. Like now, my house is spotless after a marathon cleaning session over the weekend, but I'm obsessing over the teeny tiny things no one else can see (or care about) and I'm already overwhelmed by all the CLEAN b/c it's not PEFECT.

    I make NO SENSE. And I'm not on narcotics...thanks for asking. ;-)

  19. I can't believe I just left that comment. LOL!

  20. i loved learning more about you!

    we wouldn't dine together on death row, but i'd so sit and watch all of alias with you. sydney's my hero. and i'm with on the favorites business.

    i hate to be barefoot. i keep slippers or shoes right next to my bed so i can step right into them when i get up in the morning; i do the same getting into/out of the shower. hmph.

  21. @anita: a little competitive, are we? I don't think anyone could top being invited to join a harem!!!

    @louise: I think it makes sense that you're serious and like superhero movies. Superheros are usually very deep and introspective and grapple with deep issues... always serious undertones...

    @leslie: WHO DOESN'T LOVE BON JOVI? My sister-in-law went to multiple concerts last year... I started to wonder if my brother would get a complex :)

    @robin: oh my heavens, you are not boring. How about the fact that you and your kids dressed like pilgrims on Thanksgiving for years? THAT is interesting :)

    @Jan: I think that happens sooo often; but people can't imagine how much kids will change them until they have them. I can't imagine the amount of love that must must absorb and change you.

    @neas: WHAT?!?! I think I need to go back and find that post...

    @rachel: I'm not a cat hater, exactly, but my mom is horribly allergic so I was never attached to one. I think that made it easier to cut into them :)

    @vicky: AARRGGHHHHH!!!!! Total heebie jeebies after reading that.

    @Gail: you are a better woman than I. I'm a pull forward and back a million times kind of parker.

    @tam: that so doesn't surprise me. :) And I'm totally thinking of Kota in the Brady Bunch episode where Peter's voice changes when he supposed to sing with the band. You're lucky Kota plays drums.

    @Sherri: How fantastic. I've always heard Maui is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

    @jean: I love good nurses... they really make all the difference.

    @brandy: I LOVE that comment. And I get what you're saying... rather than enjoy it you're trying to fix it. Either that or I understand it because I AM on narcotics... ha!

    @alece: so, is it just walking barefoot or are pedicures out, too?

  22. Thank you so much for playing. I knew you could post. I also LOVED reading everyone's comments. Well, except for the maggots post. It kind of made me pray I don't find any lumps in my hot chocolate. Yick.

    Something random...The elastic in my half slip gave out one morning as I was walking into an office building. I didn't know what to do so just kept walking. It eventually dropped to my ankles and I picked it up and shoved it in my purse. There's no way I didn't have 15 or so spectators so my freaked out mind decided to not make eye contact with anyone. I figured unless they approached me later I'd never know. Soooo embarrassing!

  23. My husband and I met over the phone a couple of months before we met in person, and it wasn't until after we were dating that we realized that it was the other that we'd talked to on the phone all those months before. We dated for two years, broke up for four, reunited and got married 11 months later and are about to celebrate our 17th anniversary in February. :)

  24. @iso: hahahahahaha!!! I just had the funniest visual of that!

    @txmom: so how did you guys wind up on the phone? did you have friends in common? That's crazy.

  25. A friend of mine transferred to the college I attended (Sam Houston State in Huntsville, Texas) ... he met the guy I would end up marrying during orientation (they were both English majors). My friend called me from the college bookstore to say "hi" (I was taking summer classes, being a "professional student") and he introduced me to this guy over the phone. I didn't really think anything about it. A few weeks later I met a really cute guy when I went out dancing with some friends, not realizing that it was the guy I'd spoken to over the phone! LOL It all fell into place when I ran into my old high school friend when I was with my new boyfriend. Too funny, huh? Our story is the perfect illustration of the right person at the wrong time is the wrong person -- I am certain that if we'd married the first time we dated, that we would have divorced. We were both too selfish, too immature, and neither of us had a strong relationship with God (he had none, and I was going through a little "rebellion" from what I'd believed as a child). Four years can do a lot - he found the Lord and I recommitted to Him. I am certain we were supposed to be together in God's timing, though, because we lived about 70 miles apart and I ran into his mother at my church in the middle of Houston one Sunday. It's an even longer story, just loaded with "coincidences," but the short of it is we married 11 months later. :)

  26. @txmom: that's a fantastic story...

  27. Hmmm... "One random thing about you we might find interesting" ??
    You know (and this is not my interesting thing)... I could have answered FIRST last night while I stayed up WAY too late... but after sitting and thinking for 4-7 minutes, I could not think of anything, as I am not sure what others might find interesting.
    So, here's a shot in the dark...
    I have a difficult time with needles and blood, but have no problem artificially inseminating a mare (horse)... or pulling a foal out if a mare's in trouble while foaling. This is not a big deal to me and just seems to be working with nature... while needles (eeek!) -that puncturing just goes against nature.

  28. @bz: I do find that interesting, but I have niece that would find everything about you interesting the minute you said the word "horse." She loves them so much she pretended like she was one for years... :)

  29. I never can think of anything...but here are some semi-interesting things. Nothing like the harem or no underwear stories (I'm not wearing a bra, does that count?) but sort of interesting.

    - I for some unfathomable reason majored first in college in Elementary Ed. I must have been seriously delusional!!! I would have been the worst 1st grade teacher ever.
    - I've kayaked 17 miles around the NaPali Coast of Kauai (we did that bike ride mentioned above on Maui too) after a severe bout with mono, so it was a gift to be able to complete it.
    - I've been a worship pastor for 14 years and don't really know how to play an instrument except my voice.
    - I've been married for 24 years to a man who is obviously blind to my greater faults, for which I thank God.