Monday, January 5, 2009

Santa Has Gone to the Dogs

Yes, it's a Christmas post... but I have a few things I haven't been able to catch you all up on.

Like the fact that Riley was not left out when it came to the gifts. My friend Kathy had dropped by with some Christmas treats (which I'm not ashamed to say I finished off like a pro) and a little treat for Riley, as well.


Does she know my dog or what?


Because I'm telling you, peeps... he has a tendency to switch between the modes of naughty and nice multiple times a day. Like the other day when I was on the phone with Linda talking about my grocery list and he walked up and PEED.ON.MY.SHOE.

Jealous much? Need a little attention? Yeah... rest assured that little move got him plenty of attention, it just may not have been exactly the kind he was looking for originally.


All of that naughty/nice bipolar behavior wore the little dude out.


And apparently Santa had been watching, because he brought Riley the most appropriate gift for his stocking. Trust me when I say that nothing screams Riley more than a shirt that says, "I Have Issues."

Thank God he's cute.



  1. The only issue I see with Riley is he is just so darn cute!!

    Blue is his color! LOL

  2. He's really cute. We have labs- in Ky while we're here in Guam and I miss them so much. The kids want a little dog so I'm thinking when our oldest goes- sob sob- maybe we'll go little!

    I wrote some photography tips on Raisin Toast's site for you!!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the laugh. I love the doggie outfits. Blessings. Susan

  4. Hey Sara :)
    I've been neglecting my blog but just saw your comment. So amazing that you got your dream camera! I can spend hours trying to get the perfect picture of something, kind of nerdy but I love it.

    I don't use flash, it always comes out too bright/artificial. I try to get daylight. I love the macro setting of course, for flowers etc. I just play around with it a lot and figure stuff out.

    I posted some of my pictures here if you want to check them out:

    Love the pictures of Riley, my cat is my favorite 'object' as well ;-)

  5. I'm glad you got your new camera too, those pictures of that Riley are stinkin adorable!
    The Boo once peed on my foot while I was holding another puppy! He's used to it now since I kept getting puppies...keep taking those picture Sara I love 'em!

  6. that is too funny, probably not in the moment for you, but I am sure it made you laugh later.

  7. Out of the blue the other day in the car Nolan says "Mom, do you think Sara knew Riley had issues like getting riled up when visitors come and thats why she named him Riley? Like you named me Nolan and you have to say NO to me all the time!" HA!

    Love that dog! And that kid : ) Its a pleasure as always to come here and see what you've cooked up for us!!!!

  8. Our next door neighbor's 90 lb. lab once peed on my foot when I was trying to get my chihuahua's leash untangled from the swing set. My husband would have helped me if he hadn't been laughing so hard. ;)

  9. hahaha! that first pic! he's got that crazy eye thing goin on that matches his sweater so well!!!

  10. My computer is acting up...some of the pictures are "garbled" :(
    Those little eyes of Riley's...they just make you melt!

  11. I say that to Mabel all the time! "It's a good thing you're cute."

    Dont feel bad. Our friends have a little Yorkie that crawled into bed with them and promptly peed on my friend's head. :)

  12. Heee heee. Do ya think he'd let me borrow the one that says "I Have Issues."? That is sooo me.

    The cat I'm keeping for my England living nephew pee'd on my brand new Christmas tree skirt. No lie. For 15+ years I've had the same tree skirt and finally decide to buy a new one and I go to pack it away and the varmint has pee'd on it. Like Riley though, I just can't stay mad at him forever.

  13. I can see you are making good use of your camera.

    The picture of Riley curled up sleeping on the chair is priceless.

    It would have been very funny to see a video of him peeing on your shoe, of course it wasn't my shoe he peed on.

  14. @coloradolady: not a bad issue to have :)

    @sheila: thanks! I love the addition of the photography lessons; you did a great job.

    @susan: :)

    @anna g: I so thought of you when I got this camera... so ironic

    @robinrane: I'm thinking more puppies might be the wrong way to go in this instance :)

    @steph: it was funny in the moment because Linda was laughing at me on the other end of the phone!

    @vicky: I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.

    @txmom2jami: that was a fantastic visual!!!

    @tam: yeah, he's got some evil eye in him

    @neas: don't worry... there will be plenty more photos to come. gotta love this camera...

    @liz: I totally knew you'd get this.

    @ISO: they always pick the one thing you wish they wouldn't, don't they?

    @ed: I can send him over to pee on your shoe if you'd find it entertaining... :)

  15. He is so cute! Those outfits are perfect and I love his expression in the first picture.