Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Little Curl

So, I like pictures of myself about as much as I like a root canal (which I've never had and plan to avoid, much like having my photo taken). But I made an exception when I walked into the bathroom the other night and looked in the mirror and started laughing at this:

IMG_4050 crop

Because when I was little, and had pin-straight hair, my Grandpa Gerald would point his finger at me and say,

There was a little girl
who had a little curl
right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good
she was very, very good.
But when she was bad
she was horrid!

Of course I would remind Grandpa he couldn't be talking about me, because I didn't have a curl anywhere on my head. And he would say, "Oh, I might see a little one there..." which would send me running to the mirror to look for the little curl in the middle of my forehead that didn't exist.

Then I got older and my hair turned curly ...

Turns out he just might have known what he was talking about.


  1. SARA!!! THERE YOU ARE!!! You are beautiful! Beautiful, I tell you. OH Amy would have SO much fun with your face (Amy the pro makeup artist). You would be so easy to photograph!

    You really should let us see more of you, darling. It is lovely to see your face. What a great surprise!

  2. I said it earlier and I'll say it again, you are GORGEOUS! Absolutely fabulous!

    I don't want to see ONE SINGLE COMMENT FROM YOU about "oh stop it" or "no I'm not" or "stop" because you are. Just deal with it. ;-)

    It was great "talking" to you tonight!

  3. you are very, very good. horrid? never.

    and seriously? stunningly beautiful. i can't stop looking at your eyes.

  4. Seriously. Red hair and green eyes? And curls to boot.

    The camera ain't bad either.

  5. I love that rhyme. Such a funny post. :D

  6. You can always count on Grandpa to tell it like it is. Wonderful to see you and put a face to the amazing inspiration you share.

  7. @brandy: how about "Shut Up" can I say that?!? (In love, of course)

    hahaha :)

  8. you are breathtakingly beautiful! as if your inner beauty wasnt already more than anything i have ever known to exist in a person, youre also stunning to look at!

    truly gitz - wow.

    and im with bran....shush it little lady!

    i can look at the pic all day...

  9. There's my girl! Beautiful beautiful beautiful Sara, on the inside and on the outside!
    I used to quote that little rhyme to my girls~ 2 of them have always been curly!
    I am grinning at my screen ....
    love love love

  10. Oh, and I'm still looking and can I say...GREAT LIPS!
    (I notice most those things I do not have!!!)I so love full lips!!!
    Also...the that's awesome:)

  11. And beautiful curls you have! You are such a doll!

  12. So nice to see you, beautiful girl!

    Funny, because that rhyme is in one of my kids' nursery rhyme books, and is one that I had never heard of in my life! Guess my grandpa didn't appreciate the irony of telling that one to his straight-haired granddaughter : )

  13. You are beautiful! And some of us (like me) just have to embrace our zany curls from day one. I think your curls are beautiful!

  14. And a beautiful curl it is! Along with all the others! Love that little oldest daughter used to say it but she would end it with "when she was bad, she was horrible" and she would pronounce "horrible" like "harrible"! Funny the things we remember. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful picture of yourself!


  15. ok...i know you did not post that picture of yourself to get compliments but i gotta tell ya - you are gorgeous!!

    now about that hair, if my curls looked like that instead of a brillo pad i might not straighten it.

    loved the story, loved the pic.

  16. Are you kidding???? You have an absolutely gorgeous face!!! Beautiful eyes. Love the curl. Your good looks provide a glimpse of your inner charm. Blessings, Susan

  17. It only took reading one post on your blog to learn how beautiful you are.

    But it's fun seeing your face, too - and seeing that you're beautiful on the outside as well! You have lovely curly hair!!!

  18. OK, I don't comment on my little sister's blog much, but today I must. . .My mid-30's sister (is it okay that I said that?) is still 13 to her brothers and I, so bran, if you're a guy, let's cut out the gorgeous comments, and what is this about "'talking' to you tonight"??
    Do Mom and Dad know about this young lady??

  19. Striking, really. Your EYES speak volumes to me. And the hair, from straight to curly? Me too. But only in places so its hard to wear naturally. And to think for years I spent money on perms :)

  20. Stunning pic Sara! Thanks for coming out from behind the lens.
    My mom used to sing that song to me too. I also went from straight to curly in my very early 20's. I always think it was some strange hormonal change?

  21. My MIL always quoted this poem to my daughter, when she was an infant because she was/is the only grandchild thus far to have curly hair. I had never heard of it before, but it is in one of my daughter's board reading books. How funny!

    I love that little curl on your forehead. As I was reading your post I saw your photo before realizing the poem was here and I have to honestly say that this poem was the first thing that popped in my head! How funny that this should be your post. Great minds think alike! :D

  22. You lucky! I have pin straight hair and have always longed for curls! You are a beautiful girl!

    Hugs, Sharon

  23. Just as I suspected: you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL :)

    I'm headed the other way, incidentally. I had corkscrew curly hair my whole life. Until I developed an autoimmune disease and now I'm going straight. "Weird" doesn't begin to describe it.

    Hooray for the new camera! And thanks for the peek in the mirror - it's nice to put a face to the blog. Especially such an incredibly lovely face! :)

  24. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    I skimmed quickly to see if this was an old picture, since you've been so careful not to show us any recent ones. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!

    Love the curls!!! You have the hair I always dreamed of having.

    You're stunning, Gitz, truly stunning! INSIDE and OUT!!

  25. i've always been insanely jealous of people with green eyes!!!!! :)

  26. Oh Sara - those eyes...they would melt anyone's heart. You are beautiful Inside and Out!!!
    I left you something at my place today!

  27. I will tell Abby this rhyme as she has crazy curls all over her head!!! Abby also said, "that girl is pretty." I said, "like Cinderella?" She very strongly stated..."and LIKE Ariel!!!!" She's right are as pretty as a PRINCESS!!! You are loved

  28. Crimenetly, people! Ok, thank you. I mean it. But seriously, I'm going to break out in a cold sweat pretty soon from embarrassment. (Ok, I've already broken out into the cold sweat; keeping it real.)

    @Hoody: Freaking best laugh I've had in a loooong time. Bran is "Brandy" and she's married to a military man and has three little boys. I think it's all good. And odds are if I didn't find a husband when I was out and about, I'm not going to find him locked up here in my house. It's safe... you can tell the brothers to stand down. :)

  29. Great, now Bran's husband is going to kick my butt - FYI, I love the military and I love their families even more for making such a sacrifice for us!

  30. Sara, you are beautiful- inside and out! It's nice to see you!

    I love your curls!

  31. I'd only opened the page big enough to see your beautiful face and curl. Going though my head..."there was a little girl..." and sure enough, that was your quote. My mom always used to say that to me when I was a wee one. Funny how meds change your hair!


    EXCUSE ME SIR?! I am far from a dude! *hmph* My husband won't kick your ass but I'm pretty sure I will. heehee

    Seriously though, that was HILARIOUS! And your sister goes on and on about how she is nothing great to look at, but DANG! She IS gorgeous! I'm totally jealous. I've got the red hair and blue eyes but don't come close to her! You are good to be a protective brother. ;-)

    Gitz, love ya girl!
    And hey, while I was typing this up, Dylan was sitting next to me and saw the pic of Riley to the left and he said "Hey, that dog doensn't have a NOSE! He has a TONGUE NOSE! HA!"
    I died laughing!!

  33. Okay, I meant the pic of Riley to the RIGHT. Now you know my deep dark secret, left vs right challenged. Jake makes fun of me CONSTANTLY for this. I call it directionally dislexic. LOL!

  34. @brandy: if you hold up your hands with your thumbs stretched out, your left hand is in the shape of an "L" ...

    you're welcome. :)

  35. I totally replied to that comment on twitter. HAHA!

  36. Is Riley jealous because you posted a picture of yourself and not him?

    Thank you for posting your picture. You have a beautiful voice, now I can see your face matches your voice.

    When I look in the mirror I would be happy to see any hair, curly or otherwise. :)

    Vanity has been one of my biggest character flaws. As a teenager I use to spend way too much time in front of a mirror trying to get every strand of hair in exactly the same spot, with some help from Beryl-cream. Now I can polish my dome more than comb it. :)

    Keep the pictures coming.

  37. hi friend! i found your blog :-) actually i cant remember whether i commented before hhahaha :-) sometimes im a dork. but i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. im adding you to my blogroll! <3

  38. (you handled this very gracefully. good job!)

  39. Hi Sara,

    Computer probs deleted all my favorite links including yours. But wonder of wonders! I was reading "Pony Girl Rides Again" and followed at least 3 more blog links to Neas Nuttiness and found you again!!!

    Thanks Neas! Talk about 6 degrees of separation...

    It has been months and months since I have been here on your blog. It'll take a while to catch up.

    I agree with all the others... you are an inspiration.

    [Ed: I know how you feel, 61 yrs of combing my hair and I've about worn it all off! LOL]

    Garlic Man

  40. Oh my gosh!!!! We finally get the pleasure of really seeing you. And you are beautiful.

    That is so funny about your hair turning curly after being straight. Who would have known?

    LOVE your lips and eyes. They are so perfect.

  41. You are absolutely beautiful and believe me, most of us would love to have those curls! I agree with Rachel, you have the perfect lips!

  42. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    My Gma used to recite this poem for me too. I had curly hair, but it's straightened out as I've gotten older.

  43. We talked about you a lot last week. Hope you don't mind. It was all good.
    And this pic came up a lot. You're so beautiful...