Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flashback... Thursday?

This is one of my favorite little kid moments, and I figured since it’s Miss Bailey’s birthday today I’d pull up this old post to give you a peek at one of the cutest little girls on the planet. I should say “little girl who is turning into a big girl before my eyes…”

So, today will be a rare “Flashback Thursday” and I’ll hit you with a current post tomorrow. I figure it’s ok to break the rules since it’s my blog and all. :)

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You know, there are some things I just excel at. I don't mean to sound arrogant or anything, but when you're good, you're good.

And I just so happen to make the most beautiful godchildren on earth.

bailey my goddaughter Bailey

Yeah, I know... I have nothing to do with their creation, really. But I must have something to do with it considering how exceptional all my godchildren are. Even if it's just that I have the good sense to make friends with people who produce beautiful children. I should be able to get credit in there somewhere, don’t you think?

My sweet Bailey has been a joy to me since the day my friend Jenny called to tell me the ultrasound showed it was a girl and that I was going to be her godmother. I was in love with that fuzzy creature on the ultrasound picture, but then she was born and has had me wrapped around her finger ever since.

Her mom Jenny is a great mom [I mean, she's no godmother... but we'll give her credit anyway] and is conscientious about making good food and healthy choices for her family. One of their favorite channels is the Food Network and Bailey took a liking early on to Rachael Ray.

hp photosmart 720 (Me and Bailey back in her days of cooking like Rachael Ray)

One afternoon a few years ago Miss Bailey was at the dining room table with her play dough "cooking" up a storm. She was using her best Rachael Ray voice while instructing an imaginary audience on the art of cutting, chopping and all other things cooking-related. [Let's just say she surpassed her godmother in the cooking department even when she only had play dough to create with]. Bailey had gotten quiet and seemed to be done with her play cooking, but just as Jenny was about to get her attention and ask her a question, Bailey popped her head back up with a smile and said...

"And… we're back."

Apparently, even a chef dealing with play dough and an imaginary audience needs to take a commercial break.

[I take full credit for their creativity, too. Because, well, it's my blog and who's going to stop me?]

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