Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LOST has been found

It’s Tuesday night at 6:45 and I’m realizing I need to get a blog post written now.

Why now? Because in 15 minutes it’s going to be too late.

I’m a bit of a night owl [which may be the grandest understatement I’ve ever committed on this blog]. This trait usually works in my favor, because I also seem to be most creative late at night. I can putz around all day, thinking there is nothing happening in my life, which means there is no way I’ll have something to write about for the next day. Then, suddenly, 11pm will hit and words just start flowing out of me onto the keyboard.

Not always brilliant words, but words nonetheless.

Let’s just say I’ll never be the girl that gets up to enjoy a sunrise, unless I happen to still be awake to see it from the night before.

But tonight, tonight I will be busy. At 7:00 I’ll start watching the obsession that is LOST, and it won’t end until 10:00. At which point I’ll start re-watching the episode in order to catch all the little nuances that I may have missed. And do you know why I can admit this compulsion to you all without feeling the least bit embarrassed?

Because the majority of the country will be re-watching it right along with me. We may be a nation divided by party lines, but most of us can agree that this final season of LOST is not to be missed.

Now, if we could all just agree that Kate should wind up with Jack so Sawyer could be free to date me while stranded on a desert island, everyone would be happy.


Especially me. :)

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