Monday, September 13, 2010

A Girl After My Own Heart

I love this little sequence of photos I took when the Shan Clan was here.

Not because they are great shots... they’re not. The big window behind Nie Nie sucked up all the light so the photos turned out grainy. I ran actions on them to try to make them look ok and interesting, but really, all those details don’t matter.

The girl in them matters.

The girl after my own heart.


I watch her as she’s about to tell a story and I can see the pictures forming in her mind, just like they do in mine.


She doesn’t have thoughts without imagining what it all looks like. She doesn’t hear a story without seeing it like a movie in her mind. And if there are characters in your story she doesn’t know, she’ll visualize them as she thinks they should look, and then looks forward to seeing them in real life to find out how close she came to reality.

Just like I do.


She searches for the right words. Looking for descriptors that take her ideas one step further... to that step where you understand exactly how she feels, not just what she sees.


She changes her inflections, her volume, even her accent if necessary.


She looks at you to see if you get it. If you see it. If you see her. If you feel it. If you understand not just the words, but the pictures in her mind.

And the meaning in her heart.


And, oh, how I get it. This little beauty is a girl after my own heart.

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