Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gitz Bits 2010: Week 36

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Riley has made a new friend. And it didn’t hurt that this new friend brought bacon. :)

My friend Candy has been talking about Riley for so long now that I think her husband Ron was starting to get a little jealous... and decided to check out this new male in her life. He thought it was hilarious that the pup knew how to say “please” and decided to catch it on video.

But I think he liked Riley’s head tilt more than anything... I swear that dog knows so much more than we give him credit for.

What Ron didn’t know was the rule about keeping me out of these shots, so please, when he pans over to me, remember that the camera adds 10 pounds.

Or in my case, 30. Whatever. :)

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Oh, cocoa, it was good while it lasted...

My cleaning lady came on Tuesday and brought me a dairy-free, whey-free, vegan chocolate bar that had absolutely nothing in it I was allergic to. So I tasted it by eating a tiny bite out of one tiny corner of the bar.

And I had a bad allergic reaction.

And thanked the heavens I only tasted it.

Much Benadryl later, it settled down and I did another experiment the next day to figure out what ingredient could have possibly made me react. I tried eating an Oreo in order to rule out cocoa.

And the reaction was severe.

So now, apparently, my body hates cocoa. Do me a favor and eat a frozen Oreo for me... because I really loved those suckers. :)

My waistline, however, is fine with this new arrangement.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Remember how I mentioned that Ron brought Riley bacon?

Well, Candy brought me more peaches.

I win!

For the record, it is not necessary for people to bring something when they visit. But after the bacon and peaches, I’m starting to think I should make it mandatory... because Riley and I were both quite happy with the arrangement. :)

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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Speaking of happy arrangements...

Awhile back I asked on Twitter if anyone had good lime slush recipes. I’m addicted to the Sonic lime slush... partially because they’re good, but mostly because they settle my stomach. And I’m sick to death of throwing up.

Flash forward to last week, when a friend of mine [who shall remain nameless just in case anyone could get in trouble for this] mailed me the base for the Sonic slush.


The actual stuff they use in the store.

She talked to a friend of hers, who has a friend that owns a Sonic, and before I knew it I had a gallon of the concentrated mix. And a recipe of how to make it myself.

And I should have really beautiful words for what just happened, but I’m still kind of speechless about the whole thing. About the kindness of people and the out-of-the-way gestures that can totally change a person’s every day existence, and the way that the right people are put in the right places at the right time. Not to mention the fact that a girl who can’t go and do something as normal as order a slush can now have a slush without having to ask people to go run and get it for her...

...all I got is WOW.

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Friday, September 10, 2010


Ok, I didn’t mean for this week to turn into a whole big Gitz Bits full of “Hey, look and see what I got!” but that’s totally what it is.

Because... Look and see what I got!!!

(in)courage had our big one-year celebration, which culminated into the “grand opening” of our newly designed site yesterday. It’s a super big deal, with changes that make it even more community-based. We can now reply to comments, there’s a new Blog-Frog community that gives the readers more of a voice, and the whole thing has that great beach house feel to it.

Which was fitting, since so many of my (in)courage sisters were at an actual beach house celebrating with each other this past weekend. I was hoping to get to Skype with them, but Friday turned into a really intense pain day and I had to miss it. But in the mail that day I opened a package with this bracelet inside. It says, “Dream God-sized Dreams” and “(in) loves you” – which is convenient since I love them right back.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Panther Growl from gitzengirl on Vimeo.

Saturday can be summed up with one word: FOOTBALL.

Iowa beat Iowa State [YAY!], Notre Dame lost to Michigan [BOO!] and my UNI Panthers won their season opener 16-9 [YAY!].

Thankfully, UNI has started the Panther Sport Network so I am now able to watch home games on television, but it was even better when Ron and Candy sent me this video of kick-off. I love our Dome and there’s nothing more fun that hearing that Panther Growl over the loud speakers...

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Sunday, September 12, 2010


You can not imagine how happy I was to see these flowers blooming again.

Not just because they are obviously pretty, but because when they all shriveled up and seemingly died in the 100 degree heat this summer, I was sure I had managed to kill what the Shan Clan worked so hard to plant.

So before the cold comes along and freezes these lovely blooms, I thought I’d better get one more snapshot of summer to remember them by. :)

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