Monday, March 14, 2011

Manic Monday

Why manic? Because it's the wee hours of Monday morning and it has JUST NOW occurred to me that I should have had something for you all to read come 12:01.

Oops. :)

See, I had people travel to visit me for their spring break vacation… so on Saturday evening, I went from snuggling with him:


To snuggling with them:


Which I personally think is a great trade. :) My friend Nicole {whom I adore} drove all the way from Kansas City with her two oldest beauties {Anna and Sophia} for no other reason than to make me happy.

She succeeded beautifully.

nicole me{this is me and Nic in our younger days…
I'm so blessed by her and her family.}

I will tell you about the ear wiggling and the coloring and the smoke detector that was set off by the sheer number of candles on my {early celebrated} birthday cake… but for now I need some serious rest so I can cuddle in bed with these beauties some more.

I may not get Gitz Bits up until Wednesday this week… I'm learning a lot about my stamina with visitors here and it's not exactly what I was hoping it would be, so today I may just have to listen to Nicole and be perfectly still and rest and get to the photos a day late.

Never let it be said I don't do what I'm told. :)

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